Jane’s (I) Hunter/Killer Unofficial Strategy Guide and FAQ by Kasey Chang See A WORD FROM THE AUTHOR This is a FAQ, NOT a manual. Mar 8, @ am. Manual for (i). I just downloaded the game via Steam. I read that a manual is a must. Where is it? I can’t find one on. (I) Hunter/Killer, the most realistic submarine simulation ever developed for PC. Master the sonar and weapons control systems, learn to develop real target.

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Creating a fun and easy mini campain or missiion. The long wait is over!

Jane’s 688(I) Hunter Killer (US) Manual

Creating a fun and easy mini campain or mission. I’ve heard of the steep learning curve demanded by the intricacies mankal this sim, but the manual is more than equal to the task.

This is chess of the twenty-first century, boys. The ruler and ticks marks used to plot jiller target’s kil,er are much easier to manipulate than those of Fast Attack click-click-click-CLICK! All gameplay takes place in the form of monitor and control stations. This is the sole area where Fast Attack, the other recent attack boat subsim, outshines I. Every aspect of modern submarine warfare the Navy will allow us to know of is represented.


This presents a challenge. A key element in the staying power of a sim today will soon be recognized by its ability to “take your ship into battle with or against other human players.

Is that okay with you? How to make the game realistic and still maintain the level of entertainment that the average computer simwarrior requires. All this information is fed into an elaborate Target Motion Analysis station. Paul Grace, executive producer, is no stranger to coding, and his team deserve your time reading the closing credits.

Jane’s Combat Simulations: (I) Hunter/Killer () Windows box cover art – MobyGames

You can only see an enemy as your ordnance homes in for the kill, and it sure would be a shame to miss that after all the time you invested plotting the solution. You know who all the surface players are and their true bearing. The boat’s heading, speed, and depth can be quickly monitored and changed here. This is where much more deliberate thought is required of a player than of a player in a sim like Silent Hunter. The first of the class was kjller inwith 62 vessels built all together.

I guess it fits. I am having many issues with playing it. Nevertheless, you can face stiff opposition in some missions. The type of enemy warships you will encounter are generally described in the pre-mission briefing, so you have an idea what to look out for and how to tailor the load mqnual to best suit the mission.


Three passive sonar displays: Good work here, guys. Each new release raised the hurdle, yielding more satisfying gameplay.

An ESM Electronic Surveillance Measures mast that detects radio and radar transmissions of surface vessels and aircraft. Each new release issued forth a new generation of graphics and realism. T he playing environment of I is underwater, where visuals are a nonfactor. If you’ve maunal any of my other reviews, you probably noticed that I often disclose my impressions at the outset of the article.

Challenging but not frustrating. If you want to immerse yourself in a billion-dollar, state-of-the-art nuclear attack submarine, and experience the tension, drama, and exhilaration of relentless world-in-the-balance naval warfare; this subsim is your ticket.

Training, Single, and Campaign. There are no “map views” with real-time symbols laid out to give you godlike powers of destruction. Strap-it-on-a-Tomahawk,-plot-five-waypoints, and send it waaay up!

The graphics are very sharp and detailed.