I have been given a wireless mouse a and i can’t find the right click or scroll option does this mouse have these features if not can it be. Bluetooth Mouse User Manual details for FCC ID BCG made by Apple Inc.. Document Includes User Manual LLbook. Apple Wireless Mouse – Apple A Bluetooth Wireless Optical Mouse (White)- Apple A Wireless Mouse (White) Features/Specifications: Apple A

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And no more frustration getting the cover off. S4 W series bit: Italics indicate current products.

Old school apple mouse model a – Apple Community

I will plead guilty to assuming that Apple would have documentation on their own website, n’cest-ce pas? Please don’t stop offering the help, though. The round end of the spring pops the battery cover off when the latch is released.

I learned a long time ago, to always, always check the mfgr. To start with, Google is almost never my search engine of first choice. Current MacBook family inch Air Pro. It uses a bluetooth radio to communicate with the Mac. I don’t detect any change in sensitivity.

Apple Wireless Mouse Bluetooth M9269z/a A5

But the presumed original owner has installed moise Would have simply thrown them on the scanner, but the all-in-one unit with scanner that was installed was removed yesterday to be donated with the laptop mentioned in my original post.


In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Aug 24, 9: Please read my reply to twtwtw, if you haven’t already, for additional updates. If done, it’s cheap and cheezy, as if you don’t care what kind of workmanship you have. The flat spring will not stay attached to the battery cover.

Apple Wireless Optical Mouse A1015 M9269zm/a White Complete

I’ve not trusted them with anything since they were caught violating privacy issues, more than once. I had a concern the spring may be pushed away from the cover as it dried, but fortunately that didn’t happen. The wired version of a mouse similar in construction to that unit came with my mousse.

Once you slide open the optical port, the lights emit no visible light, though on my mousse model mouse, there is a green led that indicates the mouse is on. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. When I saw the note in the sale about no battery cover, and using a piece of paper to keep the switch turned on, that solved problems here.

But, I always hated that mouse, it didn’t fit my hand, and typing on the keyboard reminds me of the horrible “chiclet” keypads of yesteryear, and I replaced both with an old Apple Pro keyboard and a Microsoft USB wireless mouse that actually fit my hand!!! S1 S1P S2 T series bit: And I’m neither a Dude or Dudette.


Apple Wireless Mouse – Wikipedia

Reply I have this question too I have this question too Me too Me too. Place the spring over the pins, and press the spring on to the cover as tight as you can, forcing the Gorilla Glue to muose through the holes in the spring. But I’ve been unable to locate a photo that matches this mouse.

While the Industrial a101 of the Apple Wireless Mouse was handled entirely by Apple’s in-house designers, some of the hardware was engineered by Sparkfactor Design. Startpage and IxQuick appear to be from the same folks. They don’t switch from dialup for budgetary reasons, if you get my meaning.

Just a comment on the mouse link you gave me Aug 24, 5: