This guide is based on the AAA Style Guide available on line at http://www. The Chicago Manual. The AAA Style Manual, an online publication, offers anthropological writers and scholars guidelines on AAA . Electronic document, Canadian Anthropology Society Citation Style Guide (Revised ). CITATIONS : Review o In Chomsky’s earliest notable publication (), he provokes •. Author’s . , accessed.

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Author Responsibilities Authors, not the American Anthropological Association, are responsible for the content of their articles, or the accuracy of quotations and their correct attribution, for the legal rights to publish any pjblications submitted including supplementary materials such as figures or tablesand for submitting their manuscripts in proper form for publication.

Submission Process Submissions for the print journal must be via the American Anthropologist online submissions website, https: Lublications or photographs should be submitted as TIF files with resolution of dpi or greater. Introductions or overviews by the group editor s should not be submitted at the outset. Excavations in the Archaic Civic Buildings at Azoria in Skip to content American Anthropologist welcomes both manuscripts that originate within a single discipline and those that cross subdisciplines.

Due to the large number of submissions, many manuscripts cannot be accepted for publicahions.

How to Submit – American Anthropologist

Contact Information All submissions: Cultural and Theoretical Perspectives. In your manuscript, references to your own work should be anonymized.


Authors can help researchers locate their content online by paying particular attention to titles, subtitles, and abstracts.

All other things being equal, the editors will also give preference to articles that demonstrate how anthropological research improves our style_guied of issues of cultural significance and practical importance in both the present and past. Touristic Forms of Life in Nepal. It is not necessary to contact the editor-in-chief for permission or feedback before a group of manuscripts is submitted. Such manuscripts should be submitted individually by their authors: If you used any revision or editorial tracking tools in your word-processing program, be sure the final version of your manuscript does not contain tracked changes.

The editors encourage clear writing and straightforward organization and discourage the overuse of jargon intelligible to only to those with particular theoretical perspectives. Flow at Chan Chan, Style__guide. If more than one of the manuscripts is accepted for publication, it is the responsibility of the authors or guest editor[s] to notify the editor-in-chief that the accepted manuscripts are meant to be grouped together.

Submissions for the website can be sent to the managing editor: References Cited Page CA Title the page “References Cited” List all entries alphabetically by first author’s surname, maintaining the original order of the authors of multi-authored sources i.

Trent University :: What to Cite and How to Cite it

Contributions from all subdisciplines in both their basic and applied dimensions are welcomed, as are those focusing on broad, cross-cutting problems, themes, and theories. This shift poses some opportunities for authors in and beyond. If accepted for publication, research articles may be extended up to 10, words at the discretion of the associate editors and the editor-in-chief.


Collaborative work is encouraged and contributions from international colleagues are welcome. American Anthropologist welcomes group submissions around any theme or topic, including those organized by a guest editor or editors.

How to Submit

Insights from the Archaeology of the Pajarito Plateauedited by. Back to Find Style by Discipline.

Documentation styles for anthropology vary considerably aaaneh this field encompasses a range of sub-disciplines, such as biological anthropology, archaeology, and cultural anthropology. Authors of accepted manuscripts may be required to submit high-resolution hard copies of all figures during production, as not all digital art files are usable.

Here we present information about two styles used by the Trent Department of Anthropology:.

Iannone, Gyles, and Samuel V. Proposals for Group Submissions: Associate editors of the journal may also participate in the review process as needed. Find Style by Discipline. Here we present information about two styles used by the Trent Department sthle_guide Anthropology: