SAP AG AC ” MIGRATION (Implementation of New G/L) = PROJECT SAP strongly recommends that you implement the New G/L and use it to handle. Future SAP Support of the Classic General Ledger and AC New (flexible) general ledger, AC Migration to new G/L accounting, Additional. SAP FICO General Ledger Consultant, projects and jobs for freelancer and IT with AC SAP Training Course; Data Migration skills and previous experience .

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To do this, you need to first reset your entire migration. In this case, the CO service flows and costs can be reproduced in great detail in the system, in addition to the FI transactions.

This could already be seen during the mapping of the process. In other system configurations, for example, when the cash discount accounts for example, cash discount revenue account are defined as cost element and already have a default account assignment for example, using TCode OKB9the BAdI implementation is not needed. SAP is convinced that the new general ledger offers its customers considerable advantages.

The capitalization amount was internally determined beforehand. End of mandatory exercise part 1 Start of optional exercise: If you should decide on the beginning of the current fiscal year, SAP already alludes to a retrospective migration.

Yes, since a clearing must also be opposite to the locally visible revenue. SAP AG In the problem case shown above, the missing profit center and, under normal circumstances, the missing segment too can be set at a later time using the “chan chat method”.

Experience shows that, depending on how the RTI variant is configured, there could be a considerable number — in some cases, up to 50 percent of all FI documents.

Migration to the New General Ledger | | Learn Valley

However, you can easily define this kind of library yourself: The Service Report is only available in English. A legacy data transfer is used to transfer data from the legacy system to the SAP system with an activated New General Ledger.


The ability to keep project planning deadlines: Information on process 2: Vendor invoice with multiple account assignment — correct environment ssap Payment of invoice 4, minus cash discount b Would you like to see the cash discount on the profit center? This delta depreciation area is then posted to using the periodically started posting program RAPERB or alternatively, “directly”.

In principle, the same statement that applies for ledger 00, also applies ac221 the cost of sales ledger ledger 0F. For adjustment postings, to later supply unassigned characteristics for an account, there is always the question of “how” or “to what degree” you distribute to other definitions of the characteristic. The program can also started live.

Migration to the New General Ledger

Open items from phase 1 were migrated without the Required Entry Field indicator being set for the profit center characteristic in document splitting. Account assignments to default values are possible and meaningful, of course, especially when there eap no suitable reference point or internal agreement for a distribution. You do not need to explicitly save the packages here either.

Migration Using sqp Migration Cockpit At the conclusion of this exercise, you will be able to: In addition, other error messages also appear in the test run — example: Summarize the most important features and functions of the new general ledger and provide a brief overview of them. The delta valuation area is often required for retirement postings – whenever different depreciation amounts have been calculated for local and internal rules during the utilization phase.

The constant cannot be completely set and therefore does not change the affected posting item.

Documents that do not meet the rules of the assigned business transaction variant, are listed as containing errors. Reset your data and at the same time delete the worklists swp created with the reset – Therefore: It is also possible to activate this in migration phase 0. RAPERB does this, since the entire assets capitalization amount is posted to the capitalization differences account non-operating expense.

  CEI 34-111 PDF

SAP Education

Prerequisites –You Youare areworking workingininan anERP ERPsystem systemalready usingan alreadyusing anactive activenew newgeneral generalledger ledger – The document splitting function is not active; at least not for the – The document splitting function is not active; at least not for the company company codesfor codes forwhich whichititisistotobe xap introducedretrospectively retrospectivelynow.

In addition to that, we explain the results of the report and our corresponding recommendations to you in a feedback conversation. Select the fiscal year in program SAPF accordingly.

Here it pays to have worked “cleanly” in the account approach, especially with respect to the definition of the accounts … … and with respect to the postings, always unique in one account area. Since, according to the system configuration, only international values from other applications end up in CO, this would not make much sense. Notes on Financial Accounting document 2b: SAP AG Again note not only the balance sheet amounts, but also the account numbers, such as the provisions account, for example.

You can configure the system in such a way that, in the future, a posting item is not posted without being supplemented by the entity or entities that you choose.

It is, however, possible to deactivate a package. This limitation shall not apply in cases of intent or gross negligence. The hard change writes a change document. You can only execute activities of the active phase.