Radial Head Plate. Home > Resources > Images > Radial Head Plate. Acumed Radial Head Plating System – On Bone T: ; E: [email protected] Acumed’s Locking Radial Head Plate System provides an innovative and improved method for the treatment of fractures where the radial head. The Acumed Anatomic Radial Head System is designed to provide an 2 Mini and Micro instruments and the Locking Radial Head Plate System at the base of .

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Statistical analysis The flexion and extension, supination and pronation range of motion, and the lateral and medial ulnohumeral space, proximal radial migration were analyzed and compared. Despite there is a significant difference between the affected and unaffected elbow in range of movements, the patients recovered the functional range of motion of the elbow.

The Long Stem Resection Guide is used to measure the length of resection, which corresponds to stem diameter. Journal Abstract Hypothesis Our aim was to test whether anatomically designed metallic radial head implants could better reproduce native radiocapitellar contact pressure and areas than nonanatomic implants.

The dominant limb was injured in seven patients. The Anatomic Radial Head System, which also accommodates the Acutrak 2 Mini and Micro Headless Compression Screw systemsand all necessary instrumentation fit inside the same tray to allow for ease preoperative assessment.

The radial head replacement with the AARHS can provide effectively stability and good clinic results at the middle term following up.

A radiolucent targeting guide is included in the Radial Head Plating System radixl assist with threading the locking drill guide into the proximal locking holes.

Email Updates Yes, please send me updates by email. Email Updates Yes, please send me updates by email. Comminuted radial head fractures, radial head replacement. So there is no prosthesis loosening in p,ate patients. This versatile system of precontoured plates is designed for use in the radial head’s “safe zone” and features a straightforward surgical technique that may save time in the surgery room.


Insert stem gauge assembly into the bone canal and sequentially increase the height by inserting the end of the gauge pkate the head of the assembly, until the head reaches the capitellum. Four long stems accommodate resection lengths from 19 mm to 28 mm.

Influence of radial head prosthesis design on radiocapitellar joint contact mechanics. There are no major complications such rxdial infection or pain at an average of Table 1 Type of radial head fracture with associated injuries recorded for the 12 patients.

Most patients got a pain-free elbow and visual analog scale for pain 1. The 3 cases with circumferential exposure of the stem stage IIb averaged 2.

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The designs have provided enough selections to accommodate the anatomy of the proximal radius. In this rradial, we present a classification scheme to support our radiographic observations. There was humero-ulnar arthritwas in one elbow. A year-old man, right elbow; radiographic result 5 years after olecranon fracture and coronoid fracture fixed with screw and radial head replacement A, Anteroposterior view; B, Lateral view. The standardized elbow radiograph were taken and used to detect the ossification aumed osteoarthritic change, the prosthesis stability and change of the distal radio-ulnar joint.

Radial Head Plate | Acumed

They are also significantly less likely to have contact pressures above the 5 MPa threshold that is thought to be harmful to cartilage. A radial head replacement is more effective in comminuted radial head fractures. If between sizes, select the smaller diameter. Screw length is determined with either the laser marking on the drill bit or with the depth probe, allowing depth measurement to be read directly off of the drill guide.

J Hand Surg Am. Anatomical designs are statistically more likely to mimic normal contact with the lateral trochlear ridge and its adjacent sulcus than circular prostheses. Low-profile Design Screws sit flush with the plate for minimized hardware prominence. Methods We reviewed charts and radiographs of 86 cases from 79 patients with radial head implants from both primary and revision surgeries between and Because the radial head played one critical role in the elbow stability, many orthopedic surgeons suggest preserving the radial head during fracture treatment.


The fluted stem of the AARHS can provide rotational stability and grit blasted stem surface promotes bony ongrowth. Therefore, radial head replacement is indicated if there is a definite evidence of the elbow instability of comminuted radial head fractures.

Radial head prosthesis design has bipolar and monopolar design concept. Fixation versus replacement of radial head in terrible triad: The injuries causes were traffic accidents and falling for a height. The medial defined ulna articular zone is angled and smooth to improve contact with the radial notch. These choices provide the surgeon with multiple implant options and accommodate the individual differences in natural anatomic head and neck shape.

For very distal fractures or revision cases, the long stems range from 6—12 mm in diameter in 2 mm incrementsand have 50 mm—65 mm length options in 5 mm increments. If the coronoid separated from the heaf, it is indicated that radial head prosthesis collar is too large. Disclosure of conflict of interest None.

Comminuted radial head fractures treated by the Acumed anatomic radial head system

Many medium-term radiological reviews of radial head prosthesis show a high rate of radiolucency around the stem and also osteoporosis of the capitellum, indicating uneven and incongruous loading at the joint [ 13 ]. Conclusion Stress shielding around radial head prostheses is common, regardless of stem design. At the acumee time, the coronoid process is one standard to assess the radial head prosthesis size. Standard length stems range from 6—10 mm in diameter in 1 mm increments and 0—8 mm heights in 2-mm incrementsand are fully grit-blasted to promote bony ongrowth.

The flexion and extension, supination and pronation range of motion, and the lateral and medial ulnohumeral space, proximal radial migration were analyzed and compared.