Akai SXL Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Akai SXL User Manual. could anyone hook me up with the original akai s (not xl) manual? i’ve already searched they only have sxls manual. Hi! Is there anybody who have the manuals for the AKAI S and S? I have searched all the net, but came up empty:(I have e-mailed.

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The maximum delay times for each of the two delay lines is half that of the MONO delay times we have seen so far.

You will now have the following keysplit: This parameter ignores each programs keygroup ranges and simply imposes a range on the whole program.

Akai SXL – Martincom

This parameter works in conjunction witli a field found in SMP2 see below where it s30000xl possible to route single keygroups to the individual outputs ley: You can try out different sounds very easily and is therefore ideal for loading in, say, a few pianos, a few basses, a few drum kits, etc.

Now press JUMP again to toggle you back to the sample assign field and select your next sample, press jump, new keygroup, jump, new sample, etc. Referring to the section that explains the LOAD mode, load a few programs. They may need simple tweaking such as altering the attack times or the filter cutoff or adding a bit of vibrato.

When the disk is in the drive, the metal protective cover slides back exposing the actual disk inside manuual this makes the disk akau to picking up dust which may cause read errors.

You may also use the eight assignable individual outputs. Don’t have an account? If you imagine a see-saw, the Page This is used when monitoring the signal you are sampling through a mixer. The reason for this is that, if you have assigned 3s000xl sound to a part and d3000xl that part’s parameters in a particular way, it is assumed that this is because you want it to sound that way. Layering two programs and setting the modulation amounts to opposite values can also yield some interesting panning effects.


Akai S3000XL Manuals

It goes without saying that the SXL and the disk drive are delicate pieces of precision electronics and they don’t take kindly to being thrown around however sturdy your manuwl case might be! To enjoy stereo modulation effects z3000xl echo, please choose the stereo delay option see below.

This toggles between ONE and ALL and allows you to choose between editing either one single keygroup or all keygroups simultaneously. SCSI chains that are longer than the specified length may cause data errors and possibly corruption of data. With 2nd filter bank installed, a further set of multi-mode filters and a third multi-stage maanual generator are added.

These may be derived from floppy disk, hard disk including Magneto Optical MO Disks, removable cartridge typesCD ROM or, of course, you may sample your own sounds via the analogue or the digital inputs.

REC, then this indicates the page you are currently in although this is always shown in the top left corner of the display as well. Such a program may be useful for something like piano or strings which have been sampled on the G of every octave. No doubt you will find variations of your own. For example, you may have loaded some acoustic basses, an electric bass, a slap bass and some synth basses – as the sequence plays, scroll through them, trying out different ones till you find one that suits the track.

EDIT Puts the sampler into edit mode for any of the four modes described above. But there can be more to it than that. Midi Via Scsi Whilst cheap ones may be appealing, they are prone to errors more than good ones.

Akai MPC Forums – akai s operators manual : Studio Set Up & Gear Advice

To assign a sample, simply move the cursor to this field and scroll through the available samples in memory with the DATA control. If you release your finger from the key with the pitchbend up or downas the note dies away, if you let the pitchbend manuql to zero, that last note’s pitch will not akaai.


This sets a level of intelligence for the SXL to work with when performing an intelligent timestretch. A loop is a section of the sound that repeats as long mnual you hold your finger on the key and is set by setting a start and end point for the loop. Page Try it on other percussion sounds such as congas or try it on rhythmic guitar parts or arpeggiated sequencer parts, etc. Other non-pitched samples such as sound effects, breakbeats, drum loops, etc. With depth set at 99, pressure will have no effect because the LFO output is now at maximum.

When loading the programs from disk, try to load certain types together. Disks are inserted into the drive thus: Backing Up Takes To Dat i.

I only found manusl one www. The big advantage is that you may load older sound library material and use it with no conversion process or editing required.

Each of the elements in a layered or split multi could be assigned to separate outputs where they may be mixed and processed on an external mixing console. This may be useful for laying down vocal parts or guitar, saxophone solos and the like over sequenced backing tracks. To achieve this, simply set part 4 to MIDI channel 2, the same as the piano.

Please contact your local Akai dealer regarding this option. In this example, you may Timestretch, re-sampling and digital EQ.