User guide for Alcatel Easy Reflexes digital phone, easy user guide. View and Download Alcatel Easy Reflexes user manual online. Easy Reflexes Telephone pdf manual download. You have an ALCATEL Easy REFLEXES digital telephone. The screen, functions and loudspeaker combine a maximum of convenience with extremely simple.

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Transfer call to another terminal. Receiving a second call.

This ewsy only needs to be entered once via the QSetup soft key. During Your Communication During your communication Other During a conversation, different operations like calling a second person or transferring a call to another number can be done. Modifying your personal code. Programmable keys and LEDs Line key.

User’s guide 4010 telephone

Reject calls from callers who block their Caller ID information so their calls don’t even ring on your line. Your IP Touch digital. Switching between two calls Broker call During a conversation, another call is on hold. Using your telephone p. System programmed key More information. To terminate a call or pro- Light indicating voice messages received or call- gramming. Diverting your calls to a recorded message or another number destination number When you return, consult recorded messages The light indicates that messages have been received.


This documentation More information. Access the various mail services. The handset is hearing aid More information.

User’s guide telephone – PDF

Insert a flat blade into the slot 1 slot per key block. The large display, a navigator and and alphabetic. Aastra Aastra Aastra This user’s guide describes the integrated voice mail More information. Answering 4100 general bell. Navigator key ; this is used to scroll the dynamic keys labels pages or lines upwards More information. Please note that the phone handset will display. Please note that the phone handset will display More information.

Feature manuzl available with Wireless Landline Programmable feature button – Shows feature button programming depending on your confi guration 3.


Ericsson Business Networks AB. Familiarise yourself with your telephone Important notes What you should definitely read — Your More information. Programming your telephone p. Your Telephone Fits Your Needs Your telephone fits your needs Other Programming your personal directory Create your directory using the 10 keys 0 to 9 on the keypad. If you are required to initially configure you IP phone you will be advised of relfexes Username and Password.


Calling a second person during a conversation. As long as your voice mailbox has not been initialized, personal code is mqnual personal code old code 4 digits new code 4 digits apply To accept the second call: Header Displays date, time and extension number 2. DTMF Accessing specific features. Sharing Other Call pick-up code for function ‘Terminal call number of telephone pick-up’ ringing Answering a general bell If the operator is absent, to answer incoming calls to the operator. Active indicates the line is in use.

Select Graphics More information. Cisco End User Training Welcome!

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To reflexse the manual completely, please, download it. Specific key on numeric Hang up. Familiarise yourself with your telephone Important notes What you should definitely read — Your. The labels for these are displayed in the main More information. Getting started Other Identify the terminal you are on Press this key twice.

Light indicating voice messages received or callback requests.