Sci-fi action meets steamy paranormal romance in Gini Koch’s Alien novels, as Katherine “Kitty” Katt faces off against aliens, conspiracies. “’The United States Navy is proud to serve under those, Commander,’ Jerry said finally. ‘In fact, I’d like a picture, in case we ever need to remind. Gini Koch is a science fiction, fantasy, and horror writer Alien in the Family published April ; Alien Proliferation published December ; Alien Diplomacy published.

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Book Review: Alien in the Family by Gini Koch (Series, #3) | Opinions of a Wolf

My probl This is a solid four. Featured Quote “Is all very well thinking everything is going to be different when you come back but then it is all the same. Alien in the family was the best book of the series so far.

One of the aliens even becomes Kitty’s soul sister and matron of honor. A lot of Kitty and Martini, Kitty and Reader, Kitty and Chuckie, awesone new characters, action packed and full of heart. I think so much happened in the book we needed a bit of a breather although it did feel like something bad was going to disrupt the big day but I was glad it never happened!

The status is not quo – aliens are here and more and more people are figuring it out. You will curse yourself that you can’t read faster and sit on the edge of seat, bite your nails and really hope you won’t drop your book while doing it. Seriously, this is supposed to be a kick-ass character, and yet everytime she gets near her boyfriend she has to be carried everywhere?


They are happily engaged and are nearing the end of the wedding preparations. Amazon Renewed Refurbished products with a warranty.

For allies, there is no love lost, and those flashing lights the CIA is investigating raise all sorts of nasty questions about imminent invasion.

Thanks for vini us about the problem. Enabled Similar books to Alien in the Family.

The reason for the stress she is experiencing? Apr 11, Shelley rated it liked it Shelves: Nov 07, Susi rated it really liked it Shelves: And I would be horrifically disrespecting myself and my value.

Specifically Kitty; he thinks she walks on water. Koch has created a complex world of characters deep with history and backgrounds, and not reading the two previous books will diminish your overall experience of Alien in the Family.

Please try again later. It could have been cut off about 50 or more pages earlier when they were finally back at Earth and got married. Kitty, as always, is ignored by Chuckie and Jeff since they are having a man moment in seeing who has the biggest balls.

All three books are well imagined, well written and incredible fun to read. Alien in the Family continues the story six months on from the ending of Alien Tango, Kitty and Martini’s relationship is stronger than ever and they are in the middle of planning their wedding.

Alien in the Family

Yeah, I see you get the point he is a Superbeing after all so his qualifications are pretty obvious. Moira and her mate Kyrellis are shapeshifters from The Free, a. I loved every scene with them. And I have to say this: The plot is as always fast-paced and engaging. Their only worry should be how to keep the fact that Martini’s family are all aliens a secret from Kitty’s family but their lives are never ginl simple.


I received this book for free from the library in exchange for an honest review. Kitty privately refers to them, well, all A-C women, as the Dazzlers and not just for their beauty. Otherwise, cutesy euphemisms were used during the sex with screaming organs.

In addition to all that, in this book we are off to Vegas! Alien in the Family. Not out of disapproval, even though I suppose that is where the humor came in, that it was so opposite any etiquette for the occasion, but because by then I ffamily so bored!

I will ib this – my absolute favorite moment of the Alien series is in this book and you would be surprised as to exactly what it is! The Story Chuckie has come out of the closet, so to speak, and now Jeff and Kitty know that he wants to marry Kitty himself. This newest book is certainly no exception.

Gini Koch – Wikipedia

Martini closed his eyes. I really enjoyed that! But, they can’t do it without a little help from their friends. Come on, you know it was going to happen in this book.

Every move Chuckie makes now is suspect, and Jeff goes on at length. Top Reviews Most recent Ramily Reviews. And that is typically something I never have to do. Every few chapters of implausible action has a fairly explicit sex scene, just as implausible as the rest of the book.