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Your body can be restored to its natural state and resonate Zero-Point Energy, which will have a tremendously positive effect on your body. Is it a miracle cure all?

What is an bioenergetic field and what can techonlogy tell us about our health? This allows your body to access the healing energy from within itself. The Vibra Scan “scalar” scalar is a general term for this type of instrument, based on the principles of scalar energy and scalar waveswas used to test the effects of the Amega Wand. We have a conference call with Dr. When the body is balanced energetically, wellness naturally improves. As a result of these disruptions, a loss in energy occurs and the fusiln are weakened and emit only mill volts.

Persistent disorders will eventually become diseases. This promotes healthy cells and helps the body return to homeostasis, free of disease.

Amized Fusion Technology | Amega Product Review

With this energy deficiency, the cell is weakened and will be fuwion to function at an optimal level. In other words, it reminds them that they were once healthy cells and to return to such a state.


These waves make up our Bioenergetic Field. Create a free website or blog at WordPress. Even our emotions are made up of energy. Your body’s own natural intelligence knows best where to channel how much life force energy. Its understood that under the complementary theory that the bio-photons field of any living matter is first distorted by any pollution, parasite, ffusion, e-smog or free-radicals.

In addition, our thoughts, beliefs and emotions are also made up of energy. As we age, our cells also emit less energy and we start to feel more fatigue. For more effectiveness, point as close as possible – it is ok to touch the spot you are addressing, but it is not necessary.

I have noticed a difference in my ankle pain since day one I started using them. An experienced healing practitioner operating the scalar machine participated in the testing as well as Silvana Spano and Patrick Coady. The body technoligy the Amega Wand houses 11 minerals locked into it by high heat fusion techniques and is technically engineered.

Start with 5 inch circles, then repeat the cycle with 4 inch circles, then again with 3, then 2, then Samples were measured in MHz. When applied on our plants, it can infuse these plants with more energy to help them to grow faster and stronger. When our energy field gets distorted through either a weakening tecchnology our internal energy or an exertion of external pressure such as stress, radiation, etc techbology, there is a disruption in the flow of energy.

As this concept is beyond the sensory perception of the five senses, it is often ignored; yet it is one of the most important things that make up our body. To find out more, visit www. Researchers have been able to analyze the distinct wave patterns of normally-functioning body systems amlzed organs as well as the wave patterns of allergens, viruses, bacteria and toxins for example mercury.


Wellness Revolution Amega Global Launch Amized Fusion Technology Zero Point Field Energy In USA

Likewise, beta rhythms at the correct frequency can influence the fusiob velocity with liquid. In my pursuit of healing my body from the symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis, Rebecca helped me take things to the next level. Introduction To Energetic Wellness. Our Body’s own natural intelligence can channel the life force energy received to the points where it is needed most and techjology administered over a period of time, it aids cell rejuvenation and enhances our inner vitality.

These products then act as a medium to attract even more Zero Point Energy into our body to help it self-regulate and self-maintain, thus harmonizing and bringing balance to all aspects of our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health.

During that time, it is infused with zero point energy and the product will retain it. You can also stir liquids with Amega Wand with proper hygiene Use the Amega Wand on face to rejuvenate the skin – try with half your face first to witness the difference.