Advanced Plating Technologies, a Milwaukee, Wisconsin company, is an industry leading provider of passivation of stainless steel to ASTM A, AMS AMS-QQ-P QQ-P Passivation of Corrosion Resistant Steels. RATIONALE. AMSE is issued to incorporate all changes approved by AMS Committee. ASTM F86 for Orthopedic implants, AMS for aerospace, ASTM A It is relatively easy to modify a passivation process to satisfy ASTM A [link is to.

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All The specifications are the same, then why are the Names different? The 3 consensus specifications used at this time, and that should be used for all specifications of passivation are:. Do you have passsivation recommendations for us a little bit more detailed specifications than these in the AMS [link by ed.

If allowed to remain, the iron particles provide corrosion sites that will ultimately result in accelerated corrosion of the product.

Yet I never had any problems when we did use type II, and a few of our parts were H condition. Lee Kremer Stellar Solutions, Inc.

AMS 2700 Method 1 Type II Passivation for Medical Device

If the part passes the verification test, what differences in function can occur in the part’s use if differing acid baths are used? A renumbers those to 1 through 4 there is no such thing as A Type 6 or 7 while restores the missing four for a total of psasivation Types.

We design our own parts, and do our own passivation in house, and hence prefer the testing requirements of ASTM A Ken Vlach – Goleta, California. David, Go ahead and try a small piece of in the Type 8 bath. I assume that A was developed running several extreme conditions but I’ve been looking for that information and couldn’t find anything about it.


December 2, A. All information presented is for general reference and does not represent a professional opinion nor the policy of an author’s employer. Gain access to the technologies and people in aerospace and defense manufacturing. April 12, A.

A is a standard covering treatments to passivate stainless steel regardless of what it will be used for and then test methods to show that it was passivated.

ASTM A967 vs. AMS 2700? Which is the right passivation spec?

If you are interested, click the link next to my name and you can get my contact information, then I can direct you to my distributor in Germany.

Ajs 27, — this entry appended to this thread by editor in lieu of spawning a duplicative thread A. And there are other differences. Especially in the fastener industry I have seen it is difficult pasivation source a specific product according to a specific type within these standards.

What should I tell my customer? As you see, we added your question to a thread which already answers it. Method 1 is subdivided into 8 Types corresponding to the types in old QQ-P while Method 2 is not subdivided. This is important because you can probably solve the problem by changing the spec to citric acid passivation, electropolishing, or something else if you are the author of the requirements and you are not in aerospace. Some customers ask for the parts passiavtion pass salt spray testing longer than A’s required 2 hours, etc.


AMS exempts C from testing. Hello, we’ve sent many parts to our different passivation vendors and pwssivation getting pasaivation that are “Flash attacked” or etched. We can also help with your design to ensure RoHS compliance. At Able Electropolishing, we meet the AMS passivation standard with our metal passivation services.

AMS Method 1 Type II Passivation for Medical Device

The “right” spec is the one that your customer requires. If you do not specify, they can use whatever they want, even ways that are not in any of the specifications! But if it’s a medical instrument or implant, then you’re also going to have to show the appropriate tribute to an F standard.

Do the parameters in A cover any worst case scenario? Have the plater do so, and then certify to multiple standards. What is AMS Passivation? Experts affiliated with SAE International include those in industries like commercial vehicles, automotive and aerospace—all industries for which Able Electropolishing provides stainless steel passivation.

Is there any clear direction or is it optional? This has been a hit and miss paassivation us with the different companies. A discussion started in but continuing through Q.

From beautiful Pine Beach New Jersey: As far as the additives, they aren’t absolutely necessary, but I like zms think they do help quite a bit, since that’s essentially what my product is. Rest in peace, Ken.