A fresh and acclaimed account of the Spanish Civil War by the bestselling author of Stalingrad and The Battle of Arnhem To mark the 70th anniversary. To mark the 70th anniversary of the Spanish Civil War’s outbreak, Antony Beevor has written a completely updated and revised account of one of the most bitter. The 70th anniversary of the outbreak of the Spanish Civil War in July Antony Beevor – the bestselling author of Stalingrad and Berlin: The.

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La igualdad sin la autoridad crea justicia sin poder.

Refresh and try again. Beevor shows how many bad generals there were on both sides, including Franco himself.

The Battle for Spain: The Spanish Civil War 1936-1939 by antony beevor

Does it compare to h A first class analysis of a civil spanjsh in which the slaughtered were the red jam filling in a an unpalatable sandwich, the slices of course being the extreme right and the far left. To ask other readers questions about The Battle for Spainplease sign up. The psychopathic General Queipo de Llano, who also encouraged rape, promised to hunt down Republicans without mercy and “if they’re already dead, I shall kill them again”. With new material gleaned from the Russian archives and numerous other sources, this brisk and accessible book Spain’s 1 bestseller for twelve weeksprovides a balanced and penetrating perspective, explaining the tensions that led to this terrible overture to World War II and affording new insights atony the war-its causes, course, and consequences.

The myriad of allegiances, factions, groups and political parties quickly envelope the reader in a morass of ahtony and Spanish names that required frequent visits to the warr list graciously provided by Beevor in the beginning of the book. The republicanosa farrago of Basques, fifteen shades of anarchists and socialists, international-visaged Communists utterly subverted and sacrificed by the Cominternand the motley but laughable International Brigades, suffered from every imaginable deficiency save a surfeit of ideological internecine squabbling and general bad luck.

The Battle for Spain: The Spanish Civil War by Antony Beevor – Books – Hachette Australia

And it contained some telling anecdotes – manhunts conducted by Falangist aristocrats were known as reforma agraria beevpr they finally gave the landless peasant a piece of ground for himself. Beevor es un escritor excelente. Amazon I really enjoyed the intimacy and depth of Beevor’s Stalingrad: We can find any number of anarchist or Spsnish reviews of the Spanish Civil War that heap blame on the Russians a Histories of wars, particularly ones involving contested political domains, tend to focus either on the battles, the personalities, the international struggles, or other specific aspects.


It just bogs down any hope of keeping up a readable narrative flow. The book would benefit from more maps, both to cover some of the smaller military campaigns, and more importantly a map showing the locations of the different traditional provinces of Spain.

Feb 24, David Nichols rated it really liked it Shelves: They also had major assistance both the German Nazi and Italian Fascist regimes, both of whom recognized from the start that the Spanish Civil War was the perfect testing ground for their machinery and tactics.

However, the first edition was overshadowed by Hugh Thomas’s masterpiece, which had itself been recently revised and enlarged. The Collapse of the Republic.

He focuses on the Iberian peninsula in the years between Un camino en el medio es necesario para navegar entre estos valores.

I’m still not sure I do; The Battle for Spain reads like Gibbons’ later Decline and Fall volumes — tribes with neither names nor leaders worth remembering, a tragic comedy of incompetence, fracture and, masked in volunteerism’s guise, imperialism and mercenarism as crass as anything going on in Leopold’s Congo.

The Battle for Spain

And if the Communists had been in power in Spain init is hard to imagine that Portugal wouldn’t have gone communist as well it nearly did, in the s.

Franco won because he led a professional army, because the democracies did nothing to beevvor the Republic, because the psanish and the communists helped their allies but the fascists did a better jobbecause the Republic’s defenders were divided between a liberal, social-democratic wing and a millenarian anarcho-soviet wing and they couldn’t get their act together, and because the Republican leaders wasted their strenght in battles that couldn’t be won, but in which they engaged for political purposes.


The Soviet Union and anony Spanish Republic. One might expect a historian of the Second World War to treat the Spanish conflict as a prologue to that larger and deadlier global struggle, but Beevor sees that the civil war had great significance in its own right.

No wonder Eric Blair George Orwell and some others were disillusioned by their experience as volunteers during the war. But it is a very welcome break from the normal pattern of mainstream military histories of the Spanish Revolution.

The colonial generals were similarly harsh although somewhat less divided. The Civil War Becomes International. I’d realized this in a general way and had always understood the war as a proving ground for fhe equipment and military doctrines being tested for use in the wider war all of Europe knew was coming. Both sides hardened their positions, with the generals leading military assaults designed to expand their territory.

The Battle for Spain: The Spanish Civil War, – Antony Beevor – Google Books

Want to Read saving…. Although the book An excellent analysis of a conflict in which the Spanish people are the filling in a sandwich, the slices comprising a fight between the extreme right and extreme left.

American businesses like Texaco and Dupont, meanwhile, epanish the Nationalists with 12, trucks, 3. I suppose this is one of the oldest questions of human societies. Accessibility links Skip to article Skip to navigation. The internecine struggles of the Republicans, with the rise of the communists, made it even harder.

First published init was regarded as a competent but not especially original account of the war. While the beevoe succeeded in capturing western Andalusia sppanish driving north to the suburbs of Madrid, the Spanish government retained the loyalty of its navy, which made it difficult for Franco and his colleagues to bring in their troops from North Africa.