Unable to make connection from ARIS Mashzone to SQL database. I want to connect Aris Mashzone with MySQL Database.

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MashZone – what’s next? – summary | ARIS BPM Community

Software AG provides solutions that drive digital transformation in organizations worldwide, helping to improve operational efficiency, modernize systems and optimize processes for smarter decisions and better service.

MashZone NextGen Read now. You are free to continue to use version 1. Do you want to show key stats of your business to all your employees? Free keys obtained here in the community continue to work in MashZone 2 During update the setup created a backup of your old installation. Links to MashApps Ariz from any relational database: I cannot import my created mashups in the new version, but at the same time I don’t have the old version anymore as well. Will the V1 professional key work on mazhzone I cannot get it to work and now would rather go back to v1 if I cannot use my license key on the new version.

If you are curious you may already download the most recent version of MashZone from our website mashzone. Learn more in the fact sheet. Now make the smartest decisions about how your business runs on the platform.


Our official website explains the details; there is a feature matrix msshzone find the edition fitting your needs best. Set up personas—for example, for business users, analysts, developers xris subject matter experts—so that each participant gets precisely the analytics results they need. They were fans, all of them. We offer enterprise architecture management solutions that help align the IT landscape with business needs.

To mahszone them shut down MashZone 2 and copy the files from backup to their original location. There are many new features read below but – in addition – an entirely new Edition has been added: Nothing required on your side. Assuming that there are many people interested in consuming KPIs, goal accomplishments, trends, etc.

Transform raw data into meaningful insights in minutes. You may license content consuming and content authoring users independently. Does it worth buying MZ 2. Our in-memory computing solutions provide faster access to big data while our Business Process Management BPM and business process modeling solutions help create more efficient processes.

Thus I maszhone unable to run my MashZone reports: How much does the full program costs and the licence keys? Results are presented within appealing mashups. Advanced search Containing any of the words. Comment by Aivars Balcuns.

Software AG MashZone

How many times avalilable a licence key? Read about IoT analytics.


If you like to receive all updates we publish I suggest to head for Professional Edition instead. Enterprise Edition introduced With the release of the second version much has changed in MashZone. Add bar charts, traffic lights, gauge chart, pie charts and grids—and other widgets based on HTML5—to get the picture in an instant.

If a mashup author decides to share nobody needs a password to view mashups.

Enterprise license model takes this into account. Iam waiting for your answer respectly! But let me highlight the most important updates here. Does it mean that Personal edition users have to pay for an Update? Comment by Konstantin Dudura. And there will be further posts soon.

MashZone NextGen: Digital Business Platform – Software AG

During subscription it enables you to use any update we publish. Aivars, you need a MashZone 2 license to run it. Konstantin, you are right, we do not offer an update package for the Personal Edition.

Deploy artificial intelligence, machine learning and predictive analytics models based on open standards.