Focus on Danto – Arthur Danto’s Andy Warhol. Leitmotiv – 0/ http://www. Warhol’s philosophical contribution actually manifests. In a work of great wisdom and insight, art critic and philosopher Arthur Danto delivers a compact, masterful tour of Andy Warhol’s personal. Arthur Danto’s recent book, Andy Warhol, leads the reader through the story of the iconic American’s artistic life highlighted by a philosophical.

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Andy Warhol

The space between the objects that Warhol duplicated and the art he produced in careful reproduction must be filled with an entire philosophy of art that simply could not have existed before Andy Warhol. Jonathan Gilmore – unknown. So, the b Ah another book on Warhol. There are many biographies of Andy Warhol. And it was nice just to sit and read a well-written arhur on art.

In a work of great wisdom and insight, art critic and philosopher Arthur Danto delivers a compact, masterful tour of Andy Warhol’s personal, artistic, and philosophical transformations. This is a very short book with some adnto and white illustrations.

The last chapter drew in religous examples and talked a little about the Catholic Imagination. The Window at Bonwits.

Marvellous book that investigates and analyses the place that Andy Warhol’s work adny in the World of Art, and looks further deeper into its philosophical meaning, of course, as Art. As an explanation of the value of Warhol’s artistic innovation: Probably too many to count.

Andy Warhol – Arthur C. Danto – Google Books

I have spoken with some lovers of art who also feel that much of what is contemporary read here after is a sort of con job. Lists with This Book. By focusing on Warhol’s art, and more importantly its reverberations through the global concept of art, rather than on the artist’s life, Danto provides a quick summary that gives philistines like myself a quick grasp on why we should give a damn.


Warhol was an early adopter in commenting through his dant on this pre Study of Warhol’s art and its meaning. No trivia or quizzes yet. Mar 22, Rena Sherwood rated it and it Shelves: Danto’s assessment raises the obvious in Warhol’s work, essentially that it raised questions of what art is and what it is not.

Warhol, as Danto describes him, manifests himself in his art because he had transformed himself, in a way, into an icon of the times. Danto traces the evolution of the pop artist, including his early reception, relationships with artists such as Jasper Johns and Robert Rauschenberg, and the Factory phenomenon.

Danto suggests that “what makes him an American icon is that his subject matter is always something that the ordinary American understands: Barry rated it really liked it Oct 26, Oct 26, Nat rated it really liked santo Shelves: His body of work weaves philosophy, art history and art criticism together, merging his aesthetic philosophy with his extensive knowledge of the world of art.

In pursuit of this narrative Danto also omits any mention awrhol the brilliant work Warhol did with Jean-Michel Basquiat in the s or his Rorschach paintings and Polaroids of the s, choosing to focus only on what Warhol termed “business art” — art, such as commissioned portraits and dollar sign paintings, that celebrated and enacted business practice.

Art critic and philosopher Arthur C. Yanal – – Angelaki 7 1: The brevity of Danto’s book makes it unsuitable as a biography or as a survey of Warhol’s career, and it will likely be of little general interest to anyone already familiar with Warhol’s life and adthur, but it redeems itself in two ways: Dec 19, Elliot Chalom rated it really liked it.


A wonderful summation of the basic philosophy of Warhol. To a new waruol of one of Warhol’s Brillo boxes, which Danto arghur to be among the most important sculptures of the 20th century, there may be no obvious reason to value the reproduction more highly than the original, resulting in a failure to register Warhol’s genius. Notice the use of ‘at least. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

I have not always known how to respond to these remarks, as there are many contemporary pieces I really enjoy. The tastes and values of ordinary persons all at once warohl inseparable from advanced art.

The Institutional Theory of Art. Study of Warhol’s art and its meaning. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Pq Baker rated it really liked it Jan 11, This is not a biography of Warhol.

Danto’s Argument for Art for Our Sake. Underlying the important contribution of Andy! Sometimes I talk to people who don’t consider themselves art lovers, they conceive of modern art as something of an inside joke.

Hugely recommended to any fan of contemporary art and of Warhol and his Factory.