KM+, a mannose-binding lectin from Artocarpus integrifolia: amino acid sequence, predicted tertiary structure, carbohydrate recognition, and analysis of the. The jackfruit, Artocarpus integrifolia (also known as A. heterophyllus), contains a lectin which is specific for D-galactose. The lectin is composed of four α and α’. A simple procedure for extracting a lectin from the seeds of the jackfruit, Artocarpus integrifolia, is described. The extracts had an average protein concentration.

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Petunia integrifolia and P. Moreover, the fundamental mechanism based on conductivity, the polarization and defects is discussed. Jacalin was isolated from jackfruit extracts by affinity chromatography on immunoglobulin-A immobilised to Sepharose 4B.

Inhibition of cholinesterase activity by extracts, fractions and compounds from Calceolaria talcana and C. Of 16 primer pairs evaluated, eight were selected for screening of genotypes based on the number and quality of polymorphic fragments produced.

In conclusion, our optimized expression system allowed high amounts of correctly folded soluble FTP to be isolated. TEM images have shown that the average size of the particles is As an alternative to reduce plastic waste and accelerate the degradation process, PVA frequently blended with other natural polymers to improve its biodegradability.

They will aid in cultivar identification and establishing germplasm conservation strategies for breadfruit and jackfruit. To study the technology optimization for extraction and purification of total flavones from root bark of Artocarpus styracifolius. It also has been used in folk medicine. Cell studies revealed that FTP was non-cytotoxic to cultured mouse fibroblast 3T3 cells below 0.

A unique field genebank of breadfruit species and cultivars exists at the National Tropical Botanical Garden in the Hawaiian Islands and is an important global resource for conservation and sustainable use of breadfruit.

We investigated the in vitro anthelmintic properties of Puag-Haad against Schistosoma mansoni. A novel serine protease with human fibrino geno lytic activities from Artocarpus heterophyllus latex. We suggest the term beta-prism motif to describe this feature. The artificial cultivation of Ganoderma lucidum MTCC using Artocarpus heterophyllus as sawdust substrate was optimized and free radical scavenging activities of the generated fruiting bodies were investigated.


Either qualitative or quantitative differences, mainly related to the lutein proportion, were found among three batches of jackfruit.

They are discarded during the fruit processing or consumption and can be an alternative source of starch. The capacity of aqueous extracts from jackfruit seed kernel and seed coating membranes to scavenge nitric oxide radical was also evaluated for the first time, the extract prepared from the seed coating membrane being the most potent.

Artocarpus integrifolia

Isoprenoid-substituted flavonoids were isolated from the wood of Artocarpus heterophyllus by means of activity-guided fractionation. Biosorption of MB and MV on breadfruit peel and core reaches equilibrium in min.

The best solution showed four monomers per asymmetric unit. Carbonised jackfruit peel as an adsorbent for the removal of Cd II from aqueous solution. The results suggest that ethanol extract of Artocarpus heterophyllus stem bark may intdgrifolia useful in ameliorating complications associated with diabetes mellitus patients. Antimicrobial activities of the methanol extract and compounds from Artocarpus communis Moraceae. A water-soluble polysaccharide from Artocarpus heterophyllus Lam. However, its integrigolia metabolism integrifooia poorly understood.

The aim was to develop a cost-effective and environmentally friendly synthesis method of gold nanoparticles using aqueous fruit extract of Artocarpus heterophyllus Lam.

Our study supports the notion that reproductive isolation in flowering plants is mainly caused by pre- rather than postzygotic isolation mechanisms.

Antioxidant and antibacterial activities on foodborne pathogens of Artocarpus heterophyllus Lam. Our experiments indicate that integrifolua prenyl and OH groups, as well as the type of substitution pattern, are crucial for the inhibition of melanin production in B16 melanoma cells.

Gene family comparisons with five other eudicot species revealed 13, clusters containing macadamia genes and macadamia-specific clusters, and provides evidence for linage-specific expansion of gene families involved in pathogen recognition, plant defense and monoterpene synthesis. Moraceae heartwoods are used in the traditional folk medicine for the treatment of inflammation, malarial fever, and to prevent bacterial and fungal infections.


The leaves of Artocarpus altilis Parkinson ex F.

Artocarpus integrifolia (Jackfruit)

The major compounds were dimethyl trisulfide Recent phylogenetic research, based on leaf arrangement, leaf anatomical characters and stipules, indicates that there are at least two subgenera in Artocarpus:. The patient had a history of chronic eczema on both hands resulting from a regular wear of latex gloves. Biosorption of both dyes on both biosorbents follow the Langmuir adsorption isotherm model at the ambient pH, at which the breadfruit surface bears a negative charge.

The aim of this study to determine the characteristics of jackfruit seeds and determine the effect of chitosan and sorbitol on the physicochemical properties of bioplastics from jackfruit seeds.

Artocarpus – Wikipedia

The function of AaGA2oxs is discussed with particular reference to their role in stem elongation and involvement in abiotic stress response in breadfruit.

The spent adsorbent was successfully regenerated using water and obtained adsorption capacity close to the unused adsorbent even after fifth cycle of washing. The jackfruit, Artocarpus integrifolia also known as A.

Lakoocha leaves and loquat leaves assisted gold nanoparticles, respectively. The lectin possessed agglutinating activities for human and rat sperm as well as human red blood cells. The IC 50 of mushroom tyrosinase inhibitory activity of 1 was Taken together, artocarpin, a bioactive component of A. Jungle Jack Artocarpus hirsutuschaplaish Integirfolia chamaand marang Artocarpus odoratissimus.

Extracts from natural plants have been used in traditional integriifolia for many centuries worldwide. The optimal condition was validated through experiments and the observed value was interrelated with predicted value.