CH C C20 C C CH CH CHA ALPHA CHE .. General Plant/Equipment Reactors – Alloy Atmos Press Bottlers Generator Skôr ako uvediete spotrebi do prevádzky Preítajte si, prosím, pozorne návod na.

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The ducts for secondary air inlet must always face downwards. Shift them till they touch their respective walls of the boiler front and back walls.

We recommend cleaning the boilers once a week nvof burn- GB www. Fuel heating capacity Wood – type Spruce Pine Birch Birch Beech kcal Heating capacity per 1 kg kJoule kWh 4,5 4,4 4,3 4,2 4,0 Raw wood does not burn easily, produces a lot of smoke and substantially decreases the service life of your boiler and chimney. Set the waste gas thermostat into the operating position which it is necessary to determine for ideal operation. Heatproof shaped piece — rear face with a rearward recess GB www.

Set the c200s handle to the temperature read on the boiler thermometer. Before re-installing the components, it is necessary to clean the combustion area from ashes and tars etc.

The lower burn-off area is lined with ceramic shaped pieces. The valve minimum gap is set by a setscrew to 3 — 8 mm; boiler service-life prolonging feature.

Návod k obsluze

Another option is purchasing tanks in a leather-cloth housing insulated by mineral wool see the price list. Use a screwdriver to remove the old sealing cord and to clean the groove in which nvld was seated.

As you are pulling it out, individual segments of the grating start falling off. The regulation is based on the pre-set outgoing temperature value. If the installation was not carried out in a professional manner, the subsequent costs are borne by the company that carried out the installation. Afterwards keep withdrawing heat from the storage utilising the three-way valve for a period of time corresponding to the size of accumulation tanks and the external temperature.


In this case, the customer bears the repair costs. Another option is connecting the boiler to an after-cooling tank with a reversal zone valve. Cover their complete surface and front faces so atnos no cinder may fall behind them.

The control panel also comprises of a waste gas thermostat which is used to switch the ventilator off when the fuel has been combusted. Wood and coal boilers must be operated in compliance with the instructions stipulated in this manual so that satisfactory and safe functioning is achieved.

The chimney diameter must not be smaller than the boiler outlet min. The guarantee period is extended by the period of time for which has the product atmow under repair. The boiler must be well cleaned and in time ensuring that all ducts are always obstacle-free.

The door lock consists of a lever with a handle and a cam which engages a wheel that is screwed into the boiler and secured by atmis nut preventing its turning. When installing the boiler, position the rear section temporarily 10 mm higher prop it up in order to facilitate washout and air-bleeding.

Guarantee and post-guarantee period repairs are carried out by: In other situations, only let water out if absolutely necessary and keep without water for as little time as possible.

Dismantling procedure of the grating mechanism atkos This company shall also complete the boiler installation report p.


Indicated by dots on the thermostat scale. The boiler operates environmentally friendly if working at the nominal output level.

Návod k obsluze – Spotřebiče

They should only be operated by adults. This operating method however decreases the boiler service life. Chimney Connection of the appliance to the chimney vent stack must always been carried out with the permission of the appropriate chimney authority. DN 40, DN 50 www. Main switch — allows for completely shutting down boiler if necessary.

They save both – the physical effort and also the time dedicated to these operations. The boilers are equipped with an extraction ventilator the advantage of which is that at the fuel loading stage the smoke generation is reduced. This is only permitted during wintertime.

Advantages Installing the boiler with accumulation tanks provides several advantages: There is jvod an irreversible safety thermostat on the panel. Installation may only be carried out by persons trained by the manufacturer. Use of elbow-pipes is not suitable. The user must not tamper with the boiler construction or its electrical installation.

Finish the installation by replacing the covers. Connecting boilers to the electric network GB Boilers are to be connected to a V, 50 Hz electric network by means of an electric cord with or without a plug. These are appropriate for mobile installations, wooden cottages etc. Take the boiler drum and hood to a scrap-metal collection site.