Balaji. Product. Media Center. Contact Us. Careers. Snacking its way to success A tough competitor for multinationals: Chandubhai Virani · More >>. Sitemap. Balaji Wafers | Download and Upload Project Reports related to Balaji Wafers. Research Reports on Balaji Wafers Pvt Ltd. exceptional RESULTS. CUSTOMER TESTIMONIAL. A Focus on Quality. The driving force behind the Balaji Wafers project has been to improve quality and.

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Thus the mixture of debt and equity is called capital structure.

Balaji Wafers Pvt Ltd. – Free Download PDF

Financial planning helps management to avoid waste by providing policies and procedures which make possible a closer co ordination between various functions of the business enterprise.

If the product fails to satisfy consumer demand, no additional cost on any of the other ingredients of the marketing mix will improve the product performance in the market place.

Performance appraisal is also described as merit rating in which one individual is ranked better or worse in comparison to other. Promotion of the employees is based on their performance and skills. It is also considered as the sum total of the attributes or properties that describe the product. The main benefit they got is the readymade infrastructure availability due to which their cost was reduced to large extent.

LTD, The machine installed in the unit utilizes all the raw material and process them to produce the final product but when they are not well maintained they directly affect the quality of the product. A lateral movement of an employee not involving promotion of wfers is described as transfer. Although in one sense every one in an organization is concerned with the personnel function, in case of larger organization a special dept. In order to view it, please contact the author of the presentation.

There is continuous environmental pressure for increasing the efficient and if the organisation does not respond to wafets pressure, it may in itself losing whatever share of market it has. In this way they can also control ballaji production.


Canteen facilities; They offer meal worker bzlaji a reasonable rate. The direct production cost is reduced pgoject strategically location of the stores ensuring quick issue and elimination of production stoppages caused by waiting for materials. Resource management and waste management are supportive to each other.

Untilthe wafers were produced at the Viranis’ house and distributed in and around Rajkot city. It is largely concerned with routine function of the production activity and to some extent the scheduling of the production dept.

Have building for storing their raw materials so they store raw materials in the building meant for the storage of the raw materials. Production planning involves the decision on the resources that the firm will require for its further manufacturing operations and allocation of these resources to produce the desired product in the required amounts at the minimum costs.

To get more and cheaper production. Profit is also defined as a surplus of revenue after the deduction of the expenses incurred on earning it. Channel of distribution indicates roots or pathways through which goods or services flows from producers to consumers. Net profits are the balance left over after the targets outlays have been paid and the capital brought up to the same point of value as it was in the beginning.

Its share capital of Rs.

For records of employees the company uses photo identity, name, educational qualification, skills, experience, date of joining, date of resign, birth date, address, eafers. Production is an activity through which the wafeds utility is either created or enhanced.

Company fills up vacancies through promotion of people in the organization and through the selections of people from outside i. If the production planning is not up to the mark then it will result to production fault. Wages can be paid according to 3 systems.

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Time or day wage system. Transfers are mainly internal. LTD, Selection of managerial is done on the basis of job analysis and for operating staff skills are taken into consideration. Their father Popatbhai Virani was a farmer, who sold ancestral agriculture land and gave Rs.

Product planning means planning for the product that is to decide what type of products to be produced or what need or requirements the product should satisfy. In this sense, our stock is our inventory but even then the term inventory is more comprehensive.


Balaji Wafers

The personnel department helps management in securing, using, and development appropriate, manpower to achieve the organizational objective.

When there is full demand in the market for wafer then working shifts are changed accordingly. The objectives of performance appraisals are as follows: It is wacers as the ability of the firm to use fixed financial changes in EBIT on the firms earning per share. The materials produced are put in to it and it can be pulled from one place to another. I could not have completed this awfers without the guidance of my professors i.

There should be free time after appropriate intervals which would release the stress of the employees. It may be expressed or the employee may not communicate it. And than at last they are packed and dispatched. The piece wage system.

In essence, marketer is a manager of customer demand in a changing business world. LTD, upgrade its technology and other process in order stand in modern market.

For supplying wafer and namkeens of local brands to the patrons wafets astron cinema, Rajkot. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. A record of these is no doubt useful. Lacks of advanced scientific techniques for analysis and interpretation. These benefits are very important prkject the company to provide because it will motivate the employees and would enhance their work which will bring ultimate success to the firm. March 6, Author: A firm, therefore, carries receivable for is customers for some period, which depends upon the requirement of customers at one end and the credit sanctioning capacity of the firm at the other.