BeagleBoard-xM is based on the TI DM and delivers increased performance . The schematic and PCB remain the same as revision C1. BeagleBoard-xM LCD7. System Reference Manual. Revision B. Page 2 of THIS DOCUMENT. This work is licensed under the Creative. BeagleBoard-xM Rev C System Reference Manual Revision April 4, Page 1 of REF: BB_SRM_xM. BeagleBoard-xM System Reference Manual.

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It should be noted that the voltage level of these signals are 1. A uf capacitor is connected to each USB power port for added surge current capabilities.

Page 41 – Figure Beaglevoard makes the 3. Linux is a registered trademark of Linus Torvalds. There is no way for the user to generate a warm reset on the BeagleBoard. Enter schemwtics from picture: Comments to this Manuals Your Name. Views Read View source View history.

To view the PCB files, a free viewer can be downloaded from Cadence. This page was last edited on 2 Aprilat Rs Transceiver 10 pin header. Dm37x Block Diagram For more information on the operation on the signal, please refer to the processor Technical Reference Manual. Figure 60 shows the pin number and location of the camera connector.

FAT has been dropped from version 2. This section covers a portion of those functions centered on the power and reset functions.

Page 39 – Figure It should also be noted that no audio will be provided over this interface. Page of The white silkscreen area on top of the board works as a guide to align the card for insertion. It is recommended that you use 7-zip when unzipping these files. CAPM The charge pump flying capacitor minus.


Changed POP memory part number due to obsolescence of the current device. All derivative works are to be attributed to Gerald Coley of BeagleBoard.

A high level indicates a powered on receiver is not detected. If you do press the User Button on power up, the board will not boot. CAPP The charge pump flying capacitor plus.

Beagleboard:BeagleBoard-xM –

The Cable is not supplied with the BeagleBoard but is available from scematics cable suppliers and is required to connect a display to the BeagleBoard. Power TPS and what remains from the current consumed by the BeagleBoard and is intended to be used to provide a rail for voltage level conversion only. The DK1-DK3 pins adjust the timing of the clock as it relates to the data signals.

This leads to a corresponding increase in complexity and pin beagleboaed. Figure 13 shows where the cable is connected to the stereo input jack. IN The charge pump input voltage.

– design

Table 31 shows the GPIO pin options that can be used on each pin of the connector. Figure 16 shows the location of the microSD connector. It some cases, the BeagleBoard may not work if the display timing is not accepted by the display.

This section provides a few possible mounting scenarios for the LCD connectors. It also provides a definition of what they need to be.

This is to allow for the identification of the card by the Software in order to set the pin muxing on the expansion connector to be compatible with the expansion card.

These will work on any Beagle made.


Figure 51 is the design of the expansion connector and the interfaces to the processor. Page 43 – Figure To download all files at once please click here. There are instances where the PC or laptop does not supply echematics current to power the board as it does not provide the full mA. BeagleBoard-xM Expansion Headers By setting this value beaglboard the control register, this signal will be routed to the corresponding pin of the expansion connector.


Table 4 is a list of all of the signals used on the processor for the BeagleBoard and the required mode setting for each pin. The schematic and PCB remain the same as revision C1.


schematjcs Jumper J2 is a header that allows for the voltage drop across the resistor to be measured using a meter, providing a way to measure the current consumption of the BeagleBoard from the main voltage rails, either USB or DC.

SW to adjust its timings.

Expansion Connector Signal Sschematics Despite the change in the overall dimensions of the board, the mounting holes and the replacement of the main expansion and LCD headers are the same as is found on the BeagleBoard board. Table 5 shows which of these GPIO pins are used in the design and whether they are inputs or outputs. To initialize your card under Linuxzm to the link to the Angstrom Demo Site.

This warranty does not cover any problems occurring as a result of improper use, modifications, exposure to water, excessive voltages, abuse, or accidents. Download the SD card image you want to use listed below.

Follow the instructions found there, but use the images located on this site.