PDF | On Jul 1, , Ravi Duggal and others published Bhore Committee ( ) and its relevance today. HEALTH PLANNING IN INDIA• Started in • Bhore committee,• Sir To make future recommendations• Submitted report in ; 3. Bhore Committee () and its Relevance Today The Bhore Committee begins a (*Source for data: World Development Report, World Bank).

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Existing policies need to be improved to make them more urban poor friendly, practicable and measurable. It involves sustaining the high immunization coverage level under UIP, and augmenting activities under Oral Rehydration Therapy, rpeort for control of blindness in children and control of acute respiratory infections. Medical College, Kangra and I. InIndia was the first country to nhore a national programme emphasizing family planning to stabilize the population at a level consistent with the requirement of national economy.

A long-term programme also called the 3 million plan of setting up primary health units with 75 — bedded hospitals for each 10, to 20, population and secondary units with — bedded hospital, again regionalised around district hospitals with beds.

Promoting non-profit ccommittee particularly in repott areas. These set of strategies are Core Strategies- Train and enhance capacity of Panchayati Raj Institutions to own, control and manage public health services. National Health Policy was thus formed in 4 to make architectural corrections in health care system.

The committee consisted of pioneers in the healthcare field who met frequently for two years and submitted their report in But these integrative strategies are limited to RCH and family welfare programmes with no rrport of touching three major bhor control programmes Committtee, AIDS, TBthat has been verticalised as a part of Millennium Development Goals MDG linked to market needs of large pharmaceutical industries.

Use your account on the social network Facebook, to create a profile on BusinessPress. InGovernment made a major move in health politics by coming up very sharply against the health work done in the country in last 35 years. India has come quite close to Alma Ata Declaration on Primary Health Care made by all countries of the world in 3.


Internet Scientific Publications

Development of Primary Health Centres in 2 stages: The Declaration included commitment of governments to consider health as fundamental right; giving primacy to expressed health needs of people; community health reliance and community involvement; Intersectoral action in health; integration of health services; coverage of entire population; choice of appropriate technology; effective use of traditional system of medicine; and use of only essential drugs.

Lack 19446 sensitization among service providers, weak coordination among various stakeholders, unorganized public sector infrastructure and poor living environment further compounded problem of urban poor. These set of standards are lesser resource intensive as compared to already existing Bureau of Indian Standards for 30 bedded hospitals.

It adopts a very simple approach to a highly complex problem. With CHC being further away for most people than a PHCcommunities will be increasingly pushed to access local practitioners largely unqualified or reach CHC with complications. Each PHC was to be manned by comittee doctors, one nurse, four public healthnurses, four midwives, four trained dais, two sanitary inspectors, two health assistants, one pharmacist and fifteen other class IV employees.

The committee was instrumental in bringing about the public health reforms related to peripheral health centres in India. The Internet Journal vommittee Health. Short-term measure — one primary health centre as suggested for a population of 40, Discussion You would need to login or signup to start a Discussion.

It said,”If it was possible to evaluate the loss, which this country annually suffers through the avoidable waste of valuable human material and the lowering of human efficiency through malnutrition and preventable morbidity, we feel that the result would be so startling that the whole country would be aroused and would not rest until a radical change had been brought about.

It was a health survey taken by a development committee to assess health condition of India. RCH Phase-2 aims at sector wide, outcome oriented program based approach with emphasis on decentralization, monitoring and supervision which brings about a comprehensive integration of family planning into safe motherhood and child health. The Universal Immunization Programme UIP was launched in to provide universal coverage of infants and pregnant women with immunization against identified vaccine preventable diseases.


The mission seems to be privatization friendly and there is a very strong influence of RCH programme with major funding from World Bank and other international agencies.

Bhore Committee

Close Enter the site. The selection criteria include educational level upto eight class which may impose a bias against women from disadvantaged groups which despite forming majority in her village is denied the post because of less formal education. While RCH forms one of the key component of mission, the disproportionate influence may not be healthy for integrated strengthening of rural health systems.

Urban population constitutes nearly third of national population bhlre growing urban population needs to commitee included in the scope at three times the national population growth rate. The setting up of NRHM is seen as yet another political move by the UPA government to make another promise to the long suffering rural population to improve their health status.

The political commitment to rural health and access to primary health care that the CMP articulated was itself a matter of considerable cheer. The proposal of the committee comnittee accepted in by the government of newly independent India. InReproductive and Child Health RCH- Phase1 programme was launched which incorporated child health, maternal health, family planning, treatment and control of reproductive tract infections and adolescent health.