BIOPURE CASE SUMMARY Course: Strategic Marketing Management Name: Firat Sekerli The Problem: Biopure Corporation has two new products that are. The study shows that Biopure should immediately launch Oxyglobin rather than wait for Hemopure’s FDA Approval then launch both products. View Test Prep – Biopure case analysis from COMM at University of British Columbia. Biopurecaseanalysis SizingthemarketforHemopure Analysis Launch.

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In response to the timing of atudy for these two products, there has been a long-running debate within Biopure as how to proceed with Oxyglobin.

I disagree with Ted Jacobs because although the production processes and physical characteristics of these two products are identical, Oxyglobin is targeted for the animal market whereas the target customer for Hemopure is the human market. This blood substitution protein is extracted from bovine source and chemically modified to eliminate the infectious agents, purified, and stabilized to be applicable to other animals.

However, emergencies care practice mainly accepted only critical cases, which required a huge amount of blood.

Biopure Case

Cite View Details Educators Purchase. The company must communicate effectively, educate veterinarians and possibly promote the use of the product. Household Pet Ownership, — as a percentage of total U. Pricing strategy is also essential to the success of products.

Click here to sign up. The buyers must consider the qualities as their priority. Biopure Corporation has two new products that are Oxyglobin and Hemopure. So if prices are set too high, a lot of customers will not be interested in trying blood substitute. Marketing Recommendation for Biopure.


Higher demands than supplies — Boopure the demands of bloods are over the supplies, there are still many rooms of opportunities.

For new consumer package goods, for instance, one can look at past product rollouts, one can look at similar products currently in the marketplace, or one can do test markets—selling the product in a small section of the country to assess consumer acceptance.

These two products need to prove themselves of their effectiveness in blood transfusion market.

Targeting market for Oxyglobin is emergency care practices as a higher price of blood substitute is more acceptable amongst pet owners. For the human blood substitutes, there are diverse group of sellers which willing to find new innovative to approach the market. This can be one of the attack point Biopure may stidy from rivalries and protagonists. Cite View Details Educators. Marketing Recommendation for Biopure In regarding to the decision of which product should Biopure launch first, there are two scenarios that Biopure could take: Moreover, as of right now, there will be no potential competitors for the next years, since there is no one engaging in animal blood substitute practices.

A strictly enforced ban on any player clothing other than white dated back to the s.

Biopure Case Analysis | Firat Sekerli –

Log In Sign Up. Hemopure is another new blood substitute for the human market and it will take two years to launch the product from now on. For example, Baxter International and Northfield Laboratories relied on human blood as their source of hemoglobin by developing a new technology to extract raw hemoglobin from outdated human RBCs.

Hence, parts of revenue will be shared. Business and Environment Bioprue History Entrepreneurship. More people will know about and recognize the brand, the brand can be set to higher viopure.


This was due to the two main reasons as follows: So the firm needs to develop a strategy as well as alliance to emerge its products to the market. We will plan to overcome the high price issue of the products by: We see that it is crucial for Biopure to seize this opportunity immediately by launching Oxyglobin.

Direct sales method to emergency care practices in big city area is preferable to maximize profit while emergency care practices in medium-to-small city area will be approached by distributors to increase sales. This animal blood substitute offer better benefits when compare with real blood.

Without having a real and wide use in animal, labs product cannot be proved of its effectiveness. The sellers in this market also provide the products which are different by characteristics and sources.

This task is easier for certain classes of new products than for others. More people will know about and recognize the brand, the brand an be set to higher prices. Some positive characteristics from lower risks and blood quality move Oxyglobin away from any direct competitor hence there is no perfect substitute exact identical product available.

Biopure will be the first one to break through the animal blood substitution market given that Biopure currently is the only company who attains the FDA approval for animal blood substitute.