Blasphemy is Tehmina Durrani’s novel about the exploitation at the hands of her husband. Many describe the novel to be about “religious” exploitation, however. Tehmina Durrani is a Pakistani author, artist, and activist on women’s and children’s rights. Her first book, “My Feudal Lord”. Book Review: Blasphemy by Tehmina Durrani. Set in South Pakistan, BLASPHEMY – the novel is inspired by a true story of a young girl trapped in the cruelest.

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Tehmina Durrani

Durrani resides in Lahore with her husband, who is a part of the politically blwsphemy Sharif familyand the brother of Nawaz Sharifthe Ex- Prime Minister of Pakistan. Sucked into the fetid hell of her lord’s making, Heer loses her dignity, her freedom, even her humanity, till a terrible resolution gives her back to herself.

In her search for someone who was in touch with the problems of the common man, and who had found a solution, she found Pakistan’s most celebrated humanitarian, Abdul Sattar Edhi.

They also popularized that all the rules and regulations regarding the subjugation of women is written in Quran, the holy book of Muslims. Once she decided to have the pleasure for herself, it ceased to be rape, she did it of her will! Tehmina Durrani is also a painter. Her parents married her to Anees Khan when she was seventeen and they had a daughter together. The core ideas in its Mission and Vision durrain are:. She was brave enough to expose her then famous husband publicly in an extremely conservative Pakistani Muslim society.

Angry and courageous in outlook, the novel places Durrani among the drrani writers of the Indian sub-continent. But the nightmare she is locked into is not hers alone; it affects the entire clan that owes allegiance to the pir. According to google, tehmjna is quite a nvoel herself though I am not going to judge her.


Book Review | Blasphemy by Tehmina Durrani

Dec 22, Neha rated it it was ok Shelves: Though bound in a patriarchal marital discourse these women are trying to free themselves by challenging the technologies of subjection. I would not suggest if you are weak-hearted or living a happy care-free life. Islamic Book Service The novel critiques interventions of Bllasphemy and America in Afghanistan. May 13, Venkataraghavan Srinivasan rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: To see durranl your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

Durrani sued Sethi for mental torture, and he countersued for defamation. Skip to main content. The book is set in South Pakistan and depicts male domination of the highest order, tyranny in its crudest form and religious fundamentalism at its extreme.

Durrani and Khan divorced in Blasphemy, her next major work, promises to generate the same degree of excitement.

But over and above all this, a nocel closest to Allah, the one who could reach Him and save us. Any woman belonging to any section of the society including the most marginalized and subaltern can improve her status and can challenge the so-called male supremacy if she wishes because she has capability and ability to durranni so.

What scarred me for life was the fact that this book is based on true story. A Novel Tehmina Durrani Limited preview – Also the kind of risks the women took while living in such a dangerous family or social structure. Contentious material about living persons that is unsourced tehminaa poorly sourced must be removed immediatelyespecially if potentially libelous blasphemmy harmful.


What to say of Pir- a son’s murderer, a daughter’s molester, a parasite nibbling on the Holy Book. Not discussing and spreading awareness of the stark reality women and the weak undergo will only allow the disease of ignorance to continue to spread – and slavery within communities like these.

Anonymous September 26, at 3: Disgusted at the events, but still glad Heer got the chance to tell her story to the world.

He made her his slave and forced her do those deeds which she never dreamt of. Blasphmey don’t have any any rights to judge her.

It says it based on true stories, if that’s true that leaves me ever more speechless and my insides twisting with disgust. In prose of great power and intensity, the author tells the tragic story of the beautiful Heer, brutalized and corrupted by Pir Sain, the man of God, whom she is married to when barely fifteen.

Ignorance was the foundation of their system and was hence enforced at any cost. So shocking that you sometimes don’t want to believe the author for the sake of preserving your surrani idealistic view of humanity A parasite nibbling on the Durranl Book, he was Lucifer, holding me by the throat and driving me to sin every night.

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