Hegde Professor of Cardiology, London University BLINDED SCIENCE MATTHEW SILVERSTONE life BLINDED BY SCIENCE You have come as a breath of. Blinded by Science by Matthew Silverstone, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. About the author. Matthew Silverstone is a serial entrepreneur. He has a degree in economics and a masters degree in international business. He was as one of.

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I believe this is fairly likely because Schauberger refers to the same ideas as Steiner proposes in his biodynamic farming methods but refers to them simply as “close-to-nature farming”. New farming methods 2. He had tried everything else, so he sciwnce to pay for a series of wacky treatments. Amazon Renewed Refurbished products with a warranty.

Quite simply because logic tells me that it must be the case, based upon all the information that I have gleaned from studies relating to plants, animals and lunar cycles.

Let me give you a perfect mstthew of a scientific experiment that was performed inwhich looked into the properties of a popular sugary drink, that proves this idea. We need to take a step back and free our minds from what we have been told. How blinded I am! I had to know more, and Lady Luck was on my side. Cath Andison I was aware of some of the influences of the moon and planets on biological systems, but you show many studies of how much more influence there is.

Blinded By Science

And it’s the same for the food: But are blinnded in fact clinically depressed or just feeling a bit low, a bit sorry for ourselves? He has a degree in economics and a masters degree in international business. However, this is not a problem as his body will immediately adapt to the change and set itself on a new equilibrium level that allows it to function efficiently.


It is also bad news for those people who silvetstone polluted water that has been in contact with chemicals that emit these frequencies.

Such a good read It took me a long time to realise that one of the most accepted parts of medical training seems to be completely wrong: So is it too much of a leap to replace the words a water crystal “sand” with the word “water” and come to the same conclusion? I will introduce you to many unsung scientists from the past three hundred years who have all provided small pieces of science that, when looked at collectively, provide a truly remarkable story – one that I hope, at the very least, will open your mind up to the possibility that we have all been led down the proverbial garden path and that some of what we have all dismissed of as quackery does in fact have scientific validity after all.

Emoto discovered, by taking photographs of crystals of frozen water exposed to certain external elements, that the water behaved differently and uniquely shaped crystals were formed. This is the stuff of quackery. Thanks for doing this Matthew!

Why could they not do anything? In order to dilute the manure, the water used has to be spun in a very specific way. Some of the answers were, however, discovered by a man called Viktor Schauberger. The implications seemed to be huge – so much so that I wanted to investigate further and see what scientific evidence might lie behind this.

And how about this idea: Most of the authoritative work conducted by Nobel prize-winning physicists in Russia into the effect of electromagnetic fields on the human body has been completely dismissed as incorrect and has been ignored. It seems very strange to me that there are not a lot of contemporary studies dealing with vibrational issues.

As I mentioned, my interest in water was first stimulated by my research into biodynamic farming. He theorized that the water would absorb the vibration of the sound and retain this information.


Blinded by Science: Matthew Silverstone: : Books

He didn’t tell me exactly what the treatment was because he knew that as he didn’t believe in it why other people would. The food will, when ingested, set off reactions within his body for which it was not pre-programmed.

Great, now we will have an easy to understand reference. Because these vortices are cold, they cannot decay, so the vortices can last many months or years. Don’t have a Kindle?

Blinded By Science by Matthew Silverstone

Will it be like a piece of rust on metal that slowly gets bigger and bigger as it eats away at the artery lining because it is not being healthily nourished by the vortex? It is mostly only papers that have been published in the last twenty years that have been put online. As my journey unfolded, I made one fundamental rule – that all of my ideas must come from medical and scientific studies, not from opinion or hearsay but from proper studies.

Blinded By Science Matthew Silverstone. The cloud includes users who review the chapters, help with promoting our book or propose a design for the book. To give a simple example, a lot of people currently believe that some forms of cancer, such as pancreatic cancer, are in fact viruses. The pure water looks exactly the same under a microscope as it did before, yet it will now have a brand new vibrational pattern.

What does this mean for science?