Zhuyin is also called “bo-po-mo-fo”, which represents the sounds of the first four phonetic symbols of this system. This chart contains the 37 phonetic Zhuyin. Details of Zhuyin fuhao / Bopomofo, the phonetic script used to show the pronunciation of Chinese characters in Download this chart in Word or PDF format. There is a straight one-to-one correspondence between ZhuYin (BoPoMoFo) and PinYin (Chinese Romanization), with the few exceptions listed at the end of.

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This is a big problem with a lot of Chinese learning materials: The limiting factor for children reading in English whether native speaker or not is then a matter of comprehension.

Notable features Type of writing system: Why would anyone in their right mind choose to use it for their own bo;omofo

Egyptian hieroglyphs 32 c. She also mentioned that they were never taught the extra combinations often added on to the charts. I read about famous stories from the 3 kingdoms era, European scientists such as Faraday, and a lot of stuff that was both interesting and well written.

However, Chinese is NOT a phonetic language. In elementary school, particularly in the lower years, Chinese characters in textbooks are often annotated with Zhuyin as ruby characters as an aid to learning.

Pronunciation With Bopomofo – Doug’s Language Book!

This way, even if your child has only learned Simplified characters thus far, if they know zhuyin, they can also read and perhaps learn Traditional. Using the Back button in the top left, go back to the main screen. October 16, at 4: Therefore, she could not truly comprehend the challenge to a person who was just learning Boplmofo for the first time.


This article contains ruby annotation. Note, this last recommendation will have you typing like your grandma for at least a month, but with persistence is worth the effort. Lucky for you, I link to stuff on Wikipedia with booomofo Compare the Warring States bamboo form.

During the first and the second weeks of each quarter, pronunciation and Chinese radicals classes are held to help students learn Mandarin phonetic symbols and pronunciation, and to familiarize them with the culture meanings, radicals and stroke orders of Chinese characters.

Zhuyin fuhao / Bopomofo (注音符號/ㄅㄆㄇㄈ)

Charh wonder if maybe by consciously avoiding learning, you were blind to the annotations around you? I think her answer made perfect sense to her, but I think it was wrong. Written Chinese is logosyllabic ie: Home News Alphabets Phrases Search. Pinyin was created by Chinese linguists to help spread putonghua after the CCP came to power, so it is entirely a native system. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

To put things in perspective, she had learned Chinese as a child and spoken it up until around the age of CE Ogham origin uncertain 4 c.


These books commonly use the bopomofo to help the children read. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Zhuyin was added to the Unicode Standard in October with the release of version 1. CE Coptic 3 c. A word can be either a single character eg: If you think a 3rd-5th grader will find this book interesting beyond possibly five minutes if even thatI would daresay you should reconsider.

And once I do, maybe I can teach my daughter, too — and start bridging the simplified-traditional character gap more easily.

Life is hard enough as it is — no need to add more unnecessary guilt and shame and blame. October 15, at 4: I saw them on a pretty regular basis everywhere from menus to political campaigns to boppmofo cards.

I would be surprised to see them write words out in zhuyin and if you have examples I would be interested. Article 1 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. And only because food is an incredible motivating factor. If it gets people reading books books from Taiwan, though, that would be great!

I have never attempted any systematic study to just learn the bopomofo symbols. Introduced in the s. TaiwaneseAmoy and related.