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See the A Duress Enable prompt in Section 2. Without remote reporting, all control panel and area arming Closing Events and disarming Opening Events default to local events. Restrict Opening and Closing Reports for this area. Select the bell pattern this area uses to signal an alarm on a Fire point. A Single Ring Default: An Interior Follower point does not create an alarm if it trips while the area is in entry delay.

X9210b Missing Trouble Event. Use this function to temporarily switch to the control panel default text, shown on the Program Record Sheet. These cover notes and clarifications specific to programming the unit.

This indicates the control panel cannot initiate the Add User Mode until a door is assigned to this command center. When an Interior point is programmed for entry delay, entry delay time is always provided. See Programming Tip 2 for additional information. A Watch Mode Default: When sharing one relay to reset sensors in two or more areas, you must program the following. Check the faceplate for the model number and the handler title.

When programming custom text, it should be logical to users viewing it on the D You can program up to sixteen Custom Functions, which are numbered to Reports Fail to Open Event. CC Trouble Tone Default: Up to 32 functions M Function s can boech programmed. Bold text Italicized text Used to refer the user to another part of this manual or another manual entirely. The function name shown in the Functions column on the record sheet appears in the command boscy display in capital letters.


Do not connect initiating devices to a Keyswitch point. Determines if a Fail to Close Report is sent for this area. Routing includes choosing the most important destination route numberthe events reported to a single or multiple destination, and if the events fail, selecting a backup destination. This function allows the control panel, after it verifies the RAM passcode, to provide an additional level of security by hanging up and dialing the RAM phone number at the central station before allowing any upload or download.

Bosch Appliances Network Card DB User Guide |

To prevent instant alarms on points, the user must cause a fault to leave the building, program P Type in the Point Index as 3 Interior Follower. It remains activated until midnight, or until boach Closing Window starts, or the control panel is reset, whichever occurs first.

Responses for keyswitch point types are described in D921b0 4. Yes or No Yes Panel-wide trouble tones sound and visual displays show at this command center. This relay activates regardless of the areas armed state. Fire Trouble Resound was added to firmware versions 6. Custom Functions C Function [through ] Default: These parameters only determine if the authority level functions are passcode protected.

The relay remains activated until all Perimeter and Interior points in the area are normal. A power supply, and 1 DB. The control panel checks certain relay functions each minute and resumes the correct state after the reset.


User Cmd 9 Default: If the control panel does not reach RAM on the first two attempts, it waits 10 minutes then tries six more times with a minute interval between each attempt. Prior to exiting a custom program, check each area and ensure it is properly x9210b and disabled. This number is Phone 4, referred to in the prompts in Section 2. If the installation does not require these applications, skip this section.

The conversions are shown in Table 6 and Table 7.

Program this item the same for all areas in the account. This program item enables a control panel, which shares a bocsh line with an answering machine, to communicate with RAM at the central station even though the answering machine answers the phone.

After 15 seconds of no activity at the keypad, the command center reverts back to the originally d210b area. These numbers are called Sub-user ID Codes. Program the relay number that momentarily activates for 10 seconds when a user enters a valid passcode and presses the [ENTER] key on the command center. If a passcode is not entered within 10 seconds, the Custom Function times out and the display returns to idle text.

D9210B Access Control Interface

Phone line trouble responses: It may be difficult to determine the armed state of an area using the programmed custom text. The buzzer is silenced when the supervised command center begins responding to polls again or when [COMMAND][4] is entered from an operational e9210b center. L Access Ctl Lvl Default: