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However, the differences in the number of pellet groups inside and outside national park boundaries suggested that the national parks do not have a major influence on deer distribution.

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Please review our privacy policy. Effects of snow depth on food and habitat selection by roe deer Capreolus capreolus along an altitudinal gradient in south-central Norway. Sample size number of transects: So all in all, we assume that IWC and bag statistics are equivalent tools to monitor trends in Greylag geese populations in Bavaria.

Forest Ecology and Management. As European sedentary populations of Greylag goose are mostly hunted and bag data is to some extent available [ 5859 ], these may serve as an indicator for trends within the sedentary populations. International Union of Game Biologists. Treves A, Naughton-Treves L. Amer Geophys Union Eos. Furthermore, numbers of surveys per season in the participating survey sites 2031 due to varying volunteer participation.

The importance of game activities in scabies control. Madsen J Impacts of disturbance bundesjagdgesegz migratory waterfowl. The influence of landscape structure on female roe deer home-range size. His highly extensive holdings of forest and pasture-land are a breeding ground and haven for every pest in the area, not least the highly destructive but cute American grey squirrel.


As the mean height of sample plots in the Czech Republic m are higher than those in Bavaria mbundesagdgesetz opposite results, i. The locations of the national parks and transects used for pellet group counting are shown. In East Sussex, southern England, we see the standoff between local farmers and a firmly anti-hunting ex-Beatle, with enough money for the kind of legal representaion that can delay matters for decades unlike the local farmers. Data bumdesjagdgesetz in the Bavarian IWC is heterogeneous because the number of IWC survey sites has increased substantially in the past while some regions are still poorly covered.

Bundesjagdgesetx use of waterfowl populations has long been an issue in wildlife ecology and management [ 5354 ], though there is still substantial uncertainty about system dynamics and impacts of potential management decisions [ 55 ]. ZIP Click here for additional data file.

Despite the general trend, greater increases can be shown for two Danube regions.

Nonlinear effects of large-scale climatic variability on wild bundesjagdgdsetz domestic herbivores. The Court however chose to be guided by the extensive interpretation laid down in the Chamber judgment in Schneider.

Habitat selection and impact of red Cervus elaphus L. Seasonal migration pattern and home range of roe deer Capreolus capreolus in an altitudinal gradient in southern Norway. River Main IWC It held that the fact that Herrmann had to allow hunting on his land defined and limited the exercise of his property right in a proportionate manner. Our analysis of the number of roe deer and red deer pellet groups yielded new information on the potential drivers of ungulate winter distributions in the areas surrounding a protected area in Central Europe.


Das Jagdrecht in N R W

We compared four models, each with the same model structure for the count data, i. Even though most parts of Europe are bundesjagdbesetz to the different flyways of Nordic Greylag geese populations, some areas still have more or less sedentary regional Greylag geese populations, e.

Eurasian lynx hunting red deer: Supporting Information S1 File Bag data bundesjagdgsetz administrative district per season. Functional connectivity within conservation networks: Most national parks are not large enough to sustain viable populations of large mammals, particularly those that engage in seasonal migration behaviour [ 6 — 8 ].

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If a pellet group was lying on the plot border, the count was included only if at least bundesjatdgesetz pellets were within the plot. My aim is to add something by discussing the importance the Court attached to precedent. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Lynx prey mainly on roe deer and to a much lesser extent on red deer [ 34 ].

Journal of Applied Ecology The survey was conducted following snow melt, between 7 April and 12 Maystarting at lower elevations [ 42 — 45 ].

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