Read “By Love Undone” by Suzanne Enoch online on Bookmate – Scandal’s daughterMadeleine Willits was shunned by London society for a scandal that . Scandal’s daughterMadeleine Willits was shunned by London society for a scandal that was no fault of hers, and forced to seek a paid position in the co. By Love Undone. Suzanne Enoch. Buy This Book. By Love Undone should perhaps be subtitled The Great Pretender because I was thoroughly.

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More about Suzanne Enoch. Suzanne Enoch Author A native and current resident of Southern California, Suzanne Enoch loves movies almost as much as she loves books.

Mind you, that says something since I’m such a prude. Search Search Search Browse menu. Loe Seduction of a Duke.

By Love Undone

His nephew comes to check up on his uncle and help with management of the estate. The first part of the book, when the setting is Malcolm Bancroft’s house in the country, is good – really enjoyed the interaction of Maddie, Quin, and Quin’s uncle Malcolm.

Too Scot to Handle. Fiction Romance Historical Fiction.

Some of the scenes at the estate eboch extremely funny, particularly those involving a pig named Miss Marguerite. The fact that we went from Quin wondering if he could share his uncle’s mistress to him ultimately syzanne it off with his betrothed to elope with her just goes to show how far we’ve come. Such good girls, they are. No manners at all! She was so bad that I was rooting for the “villain” If you are fond of heroines who behave like a toddler in need of a time-out, this book is for you!


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Small wonder, then, that Maddie quite forgets herself when he enfolds her in a sweet embrace. Upset that she was blamed for something that was not her fault, Maddie ran away and eventually found her position with Malcom. Why is ok to come back after a limited time period?

Once he arrived in London his first task would be to make wedding arrangements, and the remainder of his social engagements would stem from that. Even so, he might have asked whether you wanted assistance before he foisted his son off on you.

Her employer narrowed his eyes, suspicion momentarily touching his expression. Still, Maddie was a spitfire and survived it all and Quin with his jealousy enovh being engaged to be married made for an interesting suzannr. More grumbling issued from inside the room, followed by the thudding sound of a pillow hitting a wall. A Touch of Minx.

Bancroft stopped and looked up at her, obviously waiting for the significance of that single word to sink in. Bancroft and see to the estate, Maddie is tremendously rude, and makes every effort to drive him away.

None of them — not one of them — saw anything but that stupid kiss, and that stupid man trying to shove his hand down my dress. Books by Suzanne Enoch. Malcom has suffered an apoplexy and has sent word to suzane brother about his condition.


Playing hard to get, ok, I get it. When Quin arrives Maddie is hostile and short tempered.

Regency Romance Author Suzanne Enoch

If you did not enjoy ench book, do not write this author off completely. Like I said before, she’s a spitfire who sticks up for herself and it’s fun to watch her clash with Quin and the Duke!! We appreciate your feedback. Unfortunately, it is soon apparent that Maddie has no idea how to resist importunate young rakes who believe her ripe for the plucking.

I didn’t want to keep reading to see this nice hero end up with such a bitch. There At first I didn’t much like either the hero nor the heroine, but they seemed to grow on me.

I get that the author had to show us why Quin could never possibly be with her, but come on. Red-faced, he wiped at the thick brown trails of gravy running down the front of his black coat.