By Searching has ratings and 64 reviews. Natalie said: Remarkably honest first person Kuhn details her change from skeptic to Christ. By Searching has 62 ratings and 8 reviews. Lance said: J.B. Phillips paraphrases Hebrews ,3, Let us not lay over and over again the foundation truths. Isobel Selina Miller Kuhn, born Isobel Selina Miller, aka, “Belle” (December 17, – March .. By Searching: My Journey Through Doubt Into Faith.

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She shares of how she made a commitment to spend one hour in quite time with the Lord daily and willingly sacrificed sleep or food or other enjoyments to fulfill this commitment. But that is the subject of the next chapter.

By Searching: My Journey Through Doubt Into Faith by Isobel Kuhn

Kuhn The title of this is a little misleading. Then there remained only The High Bt. I was not afraid, for I recognized Father’s tones, but I was startled into remembrance of him. His gifts, apart from his platform ability, were still hidden and unknown to me, but the man himself was obviously walking closely with the Lord.

In His will is our peace. Be companionable—come on with us!

It cost me nothing. Better World Books Ltd Condition: And the four Gospels are accepted as a more or less authentic record of His teachings. I have claimed this verse through the years and it has been fulfilled to me. It was easy for me to find the way. For to me it isobeel a matter of course.


It was in seeking for a contact with Mother that Mr. The last night he said he needed more missionariesyoung men of consecration willing for the privations and loneliness such a life entailed.

Pray her through while I go upstairs and deal with her. Anyway, I was deep in the excitement of the book. S N Books Ltd Condition: For instance, a telegram might come saying that your mother was very sick and urging you to return home immediately. We’d like some music while we play cards. Whipple if this had been a premeditated arrangement, for it was to have a lasting effect on my life.

But I had known the Christ and I could not be satisfied with less than the ideals He had set before me.

By Searching

Used book in good condition. Feb 04, Helen Griffin rated it it was amazing Shelves: The young people of my boardinghouse were very nice to me, but were all for the gay life.

Won’t you do a iisobel thing like this to please me? The words on the page sprang up before me: My ambition was to be a dean of women and teach English in some university, but I was so young and inexperienced in teaching that I first had to accept an elementary grade school assignment.

Isobel Miller Kuhn

I staggered to my room and fell across my bed in the weakness of relief. Hardly able to control my voice, I asked, “Well, how are we to find out His plan for us? I was struck with the common sense and logic of her words and thrilled through and through to hear that God had a plan for my life.

There was also some unnecessary detail of matters which seemed unimportant. So I found myself in the slippery places of darkness. Ben was a returned soldier from World War I, several years older than I, not handsome, but six feet two or three in height. I can’t say I’d recommend it, byy I also wasn’t sorry I read it. By the time I had graduated, Mrs. Apr 10, Rachel rated it really liked it Shelves: At last I hit on the plan of asking the Lord to wake me up at two o’clock in the morning, after the house had settled to quiet, when I would arise for an hour’s prayer and Bible study.


Needless to say, I had discipline problems! The kind of faith necessary to move her from the comforts siobel America to the mission field in China. What a wonderful book!!!! It might not appeal to everyone but I gleaned a lot from it. It was my father, moaning in his sleep in the next room. This account was written while she was living in the U. World of Books Ltd Condition: She composed music and often wrote the lyrics too, and isoebl of her pieces had ever been refused by any publisher to whom she offered them.

The atmosphere was charged with the presence of the One whom I was learning to know and adore, and He was the center of everyone else’s attention too. I found God through reading His Word.