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This position has become available because the current scientific programmer will continue as a PhD-student.

If you want to contribute to science and develop tools to improve healthcare as a programmer, this position is the next step in your career. Follow us on facebook twitter linkedin rss instagram youtube.

We are currently concentrating on 1 integrating multi-omics datasets to identify likely causal genes for diseases that might be targetable by drugs, 2 helping to develop computational strategies to increase the diagnostic yield in clinical genetics, and 3 contributing to the development of personalized medicine by performing large-scale genome-wide association studies on drug use and by implementing pharmaco genetic passports in the general population.


We have contributed to the identification of genetic variants that cause type 1 diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, celiac disease, ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease. Key themes in cenrra lab are data visualization, statistical modelling, big data and data integration.

Your work may result in co-authorships on scientific papers for these projects and may potentially provide the basis for obtaining a PhD degree. Our group is a young, dynamic and international bio-informatics group of 5 PhD-students and 4 postdocs.

We are currently looking for a scientific programmer in the research group of prof. universitar

Therefore you will work closely with all members of the team, depending on the needs within the projects.

Job description As a scientific programmer cebtra will be primarily responsible for making the work of our group publicly available through dedicated websites e. Furthermore, you will contribute to data-analysis on projects throughout the group.

As a scientific programmer you will be primarily responsible for making the work of our group publicly available through dedicated websites e. Occasionally you will collaborate with colleagues from other research groups within the department and the Genomics Coordination Centre www.


We feel passionate about gaining new scientific insight by reinterpreting large datasets.