Download Algemene voorwaarden CBW Buy from a CBW-INRETAIL-certified furniture shop offers many advantages, but especially it offers more collateral. In de ‘algemene voorwaarden voor overeenkomst op afstand voor woonwinkels’, opgesteld door het CBW, lees je alles over jouw rechten en plichten bij een. Deze algemene voorwaarden van de Centrale Branchevereniging Wonen (CBW) zijn totstandgekomen in overleg met de Consumentenbond in het kader van.

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He prior to its delivery not expressly has agreed to the start of the performance of the agreement before the end of the cooling-off period; He has not recognized the right of withdrawal to lose in giving his consent; or the entrepreneur has failed to confirm voorsaarden statement of the consumer. What must you do to exercise the right of withdrawal?

Every offer will contain such information, that clear to the consumer what the rights and obligations, involved in accepting the offer. The entrepreneur may, as long as his consumer here prior to the ordering process clearly informed about, an order of several products with different delivery time refuse.

The consumer may contract with respect to the purchase of a product during a cooling-off period of at least 14 days without giving any reason dissolve. Bitcoins When you choose to pay with bitcoins as an online customer, the exact bitcoin exchange rate of that moment is determined.

If the distance contract is concluded electronically, then, contrary to the previous paragraph, and before the distance contract is concluded, the text of these general conditions to the consumer electronically will be made available in such a way that the consumer can easily stored on a durable medium. Register for our newsletter. Article 1 — Definitions Article 2 — Identity of the entrepreneur Article 3 — Applicability Article 4 — The offer Article 5 — The agreement Article 6 — Right of withdrawal Article 7 — Obligations of the consumer during the cooling-off period Article 8 — Exercise of the right of withdrawal by the consumer and cost Article 9 — Obligations of the entrepreneur in the case of withdrawals Article 10 — Exclusion of the right of withdrawal Article 11 — The price Article 12 — Performance and extra warranty Article 13 — Delivery and execution Article 14 — Duration transactions: This terms and conditions of Stichting Webshop keurmerk are developed in consultation with the consumers ‘ Association in the framework of the coordination group self-regulation CZ of the economic and Social Council and take effect per 1 June You are now in the shopping cart area where the selected products are listed, where you can check your order and change the quantity if you would wish.


View the terms and conditions. Delivery When we receive your order, the order will be processed.

Webshop keurmerk voorqaarden not deal with a dispute or the treatment discontinuation, suspension of payment is granted, This has become bankrupt or his business end or the Web shop by Webshop keurmerk is suspended or disbarred.

Submitting a claim or voorwaaarden complaint with the reclamation form Submitting a claim or a complaint to Stigter furniture and Stigter-tuinmeubelen. The place of delivery is the address that the consumer has notified to the economic operator.

General terms and conditions – Stigter Tuinmeubelen

If the consumer has multiple products ordered in vooorwaarden same order: Article 19 voorwaardem Amendment of the conditions of Stichting Webshop keurmerk When Stichting Webshop keurmerk will make a voorwaaredn we will the entrepreneur through the newsletter and the latest conditions on our website https: Here you can still make relevant changes.

A contract for a definite period, which extends to the regular delivery of products including electricity or services, should not be extended or renewed tacitly for a certain duration. The consumer can the agreements mentioned in the previous paragraphs: Fill in the enclosed return form and enclose it with the item you want to return. Similarly at Wakefield XL! The consumer voorwaarden not charge for the full or partial delivery of non digital content delivered on a tangible medium, If: Pack the item in its original packaging.


Any additional bank costs are for your own account. Article 15 — Payment As far as not otherwise provided in the agreement or additional terms, amounts owed by the consumer to be paid within 14 days after entering the cooling-off period, or in the absence of a cooling-off period within 14 days after the conclusion of the agreement. Stigter tuinmeubelen tries to deliver all products in the shop from stock within 48 hours. Even if the Bitcoin share price were to fall, the fixed price is maintained, and you do not run any voorwwarden risk.

The consumer may contract for an indefinite period, which extends to the regular delivery of products including electricity or services, at any time, terminate the applicable termination rules and a notice of up to one vorwaarden.

The consumer shall bear the direct cost of returning the product.

A contract for a definite period, which extends to the regular delivery of products or services, may only be extended tacitly for an indefinite period if the consumer may cancel at any time with a notice period of up to one month. You have the option pay at delivery in cash or digital. Or Create an account. Products that are returned damaged cannot be exchanged or refunded!

If the consumer revokes it after first vooraaarden have expressly requested that the rendering of the service, or the supply of gas, water or electricity that is not ready for sale are made in a limited volume or set quantity to begin during the cooling-off period, the consumer is the entrepreneur an amount in proportion to that part of the undertaking that is fulfilled by the entrepreneur at the time of revocation, compared to the full compliance of the commitment.