18 user reviews on Celestion Ditton 66 Studio Monitor. Today, the super tweeter and hemispherical dome midrange of the Ditton 66 Series II demonstrate the talent of a large enclosure to reproduce indifferently the . 8 items Find great deals on eBay for Celestion celestion ditton Shop with confidence.

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Write a user review. I got them for a decent price and in perfect condition, thanks xitton a friend who wanted to get rid of them and celestjon them to me secondhand. From what we learnt, it’s is very important to have a liveliness, which is frequency friendly akin to a musical instrument, to a loudspeaker cabinet otherwise the life or pace literally dies from the music. In retrospect I think c was perhaps the configuration of the piece.

All user reviews for the Celestion Ditton 66 Series II

Not sure it’s the same wood color, though. Sep 5, at When removing the huge mid drivers i noticed they are the prefered newer celestiom MD,the early ones being MF It was a small unknown at least to me and extremely dynamic brand: When it comes celestikn out-and-out sonic performance with speakers and electronics, there hasn’t been much of that in the last 30 years!

I have used my celestion 66 for more than 25 years.

This steel panels just sparked a few memories about what was tried back in the day to get better results, hope you get some benefit This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. Aside from the drivers, the caps in the crossovers would’ve also been totally different. Here’s a little mystery,the crossovers are different in the caps fitted,the mid uses a pye 24uf and an 6uf elcap electrolytic,total value 30uf.


Celestion Ditton 66

How would “freakin’ awesome”, do? After considering the Klipsch Hersey speakers my attention has moved to the Ditton 66s.

celestiln Log in Become a member. We wanted to raise the crossover point as we knew it would benefit the dome and the woofer would allow it. I would respect the foundations of their endeavours. Prior to owning this pair I bought a pair from a guy in Canada, and one of the speakers was damaged in a fire at the FedEx holding facility while en route to me.

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Red Spade Audio: Celestion Ditton 66 mod

However, to preserve the operation of the passive radiator, the amount of lining is limited. The time now is Of the 66 mk1 agree yield low 86dB if I remember correctly. You’re not wrong, dude, but the the bass of the 66s isn’t exactly unclean either. The 66s have got bags dtton presence and dynamics, therefore unlike many modern speakers, they don’t need thrashed to within an inch of their lives before coming alive!

Aye, we appear to be in pretty much total agreement: Attention you will pour.

Don’t doubt any of dittpn Throughout the years they have lost their superiority and have been matched and, finally, surpassed by other products in the small hi-fi world.

This product is no longer manufactured. The bass is clean, controlled and full bodied. These speakers are comfortable with all types of music and deserve a big room to really give their best in the low end, as well as a powerful and musical amp for the passive drivers.


Celestion celestion ditton 66 | eBay

Sort by most recent most useful. Originally Posted by rodthebod From what we learnt, it’s is very important to have a liveliness, which is frequency friendly akin to a musical instrument, to a loudspeaker cabinet otherwise the life or pace literally dies from the music, There are two schools of though regarding cabinets. Celsstion real gem my eyes Although I would do sr the same choice, without a shadow of a hsitation!

Hmmm the plot thickens!

I bought them from a guy in Oracle, AZ, who brought them all the way from England to AZ with him plus years ago or so. Hi Drew, How do I rate them? Quality terminal blocks, filters and capacitors which composes and worthy of wiring cables HP car.

The high and lowpass slopes overlap so that when combined, there is a broad hump from 4 – 14k in the treble response. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. It contains a high pass for the tweeter digton a lowpass for the mid. Classical music without disturbing my wife.

We avoid throwing money at big expensive passive parts and we also celestiln wasting a great deal of amp power.