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When a pretty young redhead named Clara ar In Victorian England, there was a remote isle known to a chosen few as Childebride Island. I kept waiting for Clara and Bardwick to actually be together, only to see a few short lines together at the very end of the book. Has all the elements of age-play, submission, training and ecstasy wrapped in a loving, sexy story.

This enjoyed this book it was really writing but were is the next book that finishes the islland A fortnight earlier, Clara Louise Anton had arrived on Childebride Island, making her entrance to the intake cottage bound up tightly inside a scratchy burlap sack.

I feel that discipline and pleasure should be two separate issues. The story leads you to believe that Clara is going to go with Bardwick at the end of her training, and that you will get to read about their time together, but the story ends before that ever happens. The oddest thing I found about this book was that for a novel that was supposed to be about ageplay, there actually wasn’t really any ageplay in it other than playing dress up cgildebride the young ladies.


Liddel handled much of this issue in such a way that the struggle wasn’t overly distracting for me. I selfishly wanted more. If I do, it is likely that I shall order some very specific education for her.

Enjoyed the story and detail of this book. The author’s attention to detail was a joy.

Hopefully there is a sequal to show us more. This story was captivating and exciting the whole way through. My only compliant was the abrupt ending. I would like to see more affection and a little less harshness in this story. Unless someone decides you shall have a new name. Hope there is more to come from this story because it is left on a cliff hanger so to speak. I enjoyed the trustee who was among the main characters request for a redhead; the attention to Clara’s hair set the scene beautifully.

Childebride Island

I wonder if these kind of books are preparing woman to live in the world of Pria, because unemployement is getting higher and soon women would be kicked out cnildebride fil the jobs with men. There are not enough words in the English language to explain how much I adore this book: Markham raised her finger to her lips, cautioning the trustee not to speak.

She is not ready to be inspected by any gentleman, let alone a stranger to her. This really is one of the signature stories of both ageplay and historical fiction on chilcebride site. The cottages were kept quite separate, not only from the other buildings of the academy but also from one another. At the brazier in the little kitchen, Nurse Ingrid smiled to herself as she prepared porridge for Clara.


Childebride Island by Alice Liddell | LibraryThing

The fact that our little is taught to complete oral after discipline for the pleasure of her daddy just brings me too close to that sadistic premise. Take a care, man! What a guilty pleasure! I like dark erotica, but even I want that young girl to be reunited to her family and “papa” shamed. It was harsh in places but if you like this genre then childdebride is for you.

We just recently placed one of them, Annelie, in an unusually favorable situation. Preview — Childebride Island by Alice Liddell. The school specified that every girl must have her dose every day, by force if necessary. Great plot and characters! Overall, I found it to be an excellent book. Good, but not enough. While others have complained about the abrupt ending, I would argue that the ending makes sense within the context of the story of a girl’s education.

It’s almost as if the author just stopped writing. Elizabeth rated it it was ok Jan 30, The Victorian setting was well done, especially the slang words and the way they wove into the story. The second half was missing. Do your lips feel very dry?

I shall see her bare soon enough.