Cholestin recently has been reformulated with a unique proprietary blend of ingredients including Lipidol™. Lipidol™ is the result of 12 years of clinical studies. However, in February of , the manufacturer of Cholestin, Pharmanex Inc., a subsidiary of Utah-based Nu Skin Enterprises Inc., appealed the FDA’s ruling. Pharmanex Launches Next Generation Of Cholestin. Related CONTENT. Test Finds Varied Potency of Red Yeast Rice Supplements.

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Receive exclusive offers and updates from Oxford Academic. The remainder reportedly consists of other monacolins I—VIpresent in much smaller amounts. Regional and traffic-related air pollutants are associated with higher consumption of fast food and trans fat among adolescents.

The new company extension will introduce American versions of health products that have be…. Since it contains lovastatin, it can be expected to have the same side effects as the prescription drug.

During a long career as an Air Force physician, she held various positions from flight surgeon to DBMS Director of Base Medical Services and did everything from delivering babies to taking the controls of a B Red yeast rice was marketed in the US as a dietary supplement, Cholestin. Ecuadorian Rainforest has ch…. Most of them got around the FDA restriction by eliminating the monacolin content and by careful labeling and advertising that does not claim to lower cholesterol.

However, no data are available on the short- or long-term toxicity of the individual statins contained in Cholestin except for lovastatin.

But I think their health would be better served by being diagnosed and regularly monitored by a medical doctor and by taking a pure antidepressant in a controlled dosage.


Red yeast rice has been used in China as a food colorant and flavor enhancer for centuries. Heber et al 2 cite animal toxicity studies indicating no adverse effects of large amounts of Xuezhikang on liver function tests in pharmanxe treated for 90 d. Email alerts New issue alert. She retired with the rank of Colonel. Even if a lovastatin-containing red yeast product can be obtained, concerns remain about purity and pnarmanex.

Project Juice Merges with Ritual Wellness. In she published her memoirs, Women Aren’t Supposed to Fly. It would be hard to justify recommending it over a pharmaceutical statin. Global Overview of Naturally Healthy Beverages. District Judge Dale Kimball has made final a preliminary order he issued in June allowing Simi Valley-based Pharmanex to continue importing the substances it needs to manufacture and sell Cholestin.

Subscribe Free Magazine eNewsletter. Cholesttin also designates Cholestin as a dietary supplement, part of a group of products that fall outside the FDA’s strictest regulations. While much of CAM is ridiculous or implausible, herbal remedies are an exception.

Red yeast rice has been tested and has been shown to lower cholesterol as well as a statin drug. The case, which has broad implications for the regulation of the dietary supplement industry, remains under litigation at this time. Pharmanex sells Cholestin for around a dollar a pill. Compactin has one less methyl group than lovastatin. Circulating antioxidants and Alzheimer disease prevention: The case of Pharmabex Richard J Havel.

Pharmanex Launches Next Generation Of Cholestin

Pharmanex continues to sell a product under the name Cholestin, but it no longer contains lovastatin. Distributor of Extrasynthese Phytochemical Standards.

On a practical basis, I can understand that some people might prefer it because it is less expensive and can be acquired without a visit to a doctor with all the inconvenience and cost that entails. Cholestin and Xuezhikang differ from the traditional cholesfin yeast rice that is sold in Chinese groceries. If the other statin compounds in Cholestin are equal in activity to lovastatin, the total complement of reductase inhibitors evidently accounts for most of the product’s cholesterol-lowering action.


Red yeast rice has been widely used in Asian cuisines as a coloring agent and taste enhancer. Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of Pharmanex, an herbal supplement company owned by Nu Skin Enterprises, said it has won a court victory in its battle with U.

I see no pharmamex reason to prefer St. Consumption of statins from nonproprietary red yeast rice can nonetheless be presumed to be very low. Close mobile search navigation Article navigation.

Pharmanex Launches Next Generation Of Cholestin – Nutraceuticals World

The safety of red yeast rice has not been established. In the current double-blind clinical trial, 83 men and women with above average LDL-cholesterol concentrations were randomly assigned to receive Cholestin 4 capsules containing 2. The May 20,ruling of the Food and Drug Administration did not address the safety of Cholestin.

The FDA banned it insaying that since it contained lovastatin it was an unapproved drug. The conference will feature data f…. Data provided in the report of Heber et al 2 indicate that Cholestin contains a large number of monacolins, ie, compounds of the statin class.

Cholesterol-lowering effects of a proprietary Chinese red yeast rice dietary supplement. Citing articles via Google Scholar.