The case traces chotuKool’s development and evolution from an initial product concept Could chotuKool really redefine the company and bring refrigeration to . Godard and Boyce: Checkout Case study Question and Answers Q 1. Assess the business case for Checkout. What are the critical success. chotuKool: “Little Cool,” Big Opportunity. chotuKool: “Little Cool,” Big Opportunity. case study. Rory McDonald · Derek C.M. van Bever · Efosa.

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Markets that do not exist cannot be analyzed. It was made according to the needs of the rural customers. Chotukool is an innovative approach to tackling the problem of food storage in India, a country in which around one-third of all food spoils and an estimated 80 percent of atudy do not have access to or use a refrigerator.

From our experience, stduy learn that we can solve many of these problems through collaborations. The Implications of the brand: Specifically designed BOP products with appropriate technology and business model, low cost market development, skill development and embedded earning opportunities are essential for Inclusive Growth. Rural India Is a different market. This makes the marketing strategies different for different areas.

The challenge of BOP is a global challenge — the solution will also come through global cooperation in technology development, product design and research! By adopting a broader vision that puts the needs of consumers front and center, Mr.


It is a different category! The Strategy that Godard should follow: Similar products of lesser cost. Space is a luxury! The pilots have now spread in a few other villages and the response remains very favorable.

They had various reasons but there was scope for innovation here as the market penetration for refrigerators in the villages was only two percent in Immutability refers to how easily imitators can copy or duplicate the technology or process underpinning the innovation.


The product must create an identity for itself. We can learn about it only by being with them and experimenting. The sales may be affected and the focus or the target market may be confused. It could enhance shelf life and reduce waste while stored.

Improving rural lives Chotukool is improving the quality of life of rural households in India. It was portable as It weighs 7. Only when you jump in can you understand how cold the water is, or that some fish bite but most of them are friendly. BOP is also a migrant population. This slowly developed into our 3Lvision for the BOP! The business model for Chotukool systematically attempted to involve BOP studu in many aspects of business by co-creation and transfer some value add back to the BOP community.

chotuKool: ‘Little Cool,’ Big Opportunity

Therefore according to me the target market for a business model must be clearly defined as the marketing in a huge diversified country like India becomes difficult to manage. Beyond its usefulness as a cooling mechanism, the Chotukool is also a source of pride. From the field search to the selling Checkout was a product which involved the rural folk 6. And finally we thank all of you and JICA for giving as an opportunity to share our learning in this august gathering.

The concept was new and the strategies too for Godard. For some small shops, it provided additional earning by giving opportunities to vend cool water and soft drinks. Typically technology continues to improve to cater to the needs of the segment of most demanding customers by a series of incremental and radical innovations. For several small businesses like flower selling, snacks vending and small kiosk shops, Chotukool became an earning asset. We would also like to acknowledge the contributions of thought leaders like late Prof CK Prahlad and Prof Clayton Christensen whose inspirations and intellectual inputs provided deep insights in this journey.


Chotukool: Keeping things cool with frugal innovation

By closing this message or just continuing to browse the site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies in our Privacy Policy. Abandoning the compressor technology used in domestic fridges, it uses a thermoelectric or solid state cooling system. First Godard conducted research with Disruptive Innovation in mind and designed Checkout. Sunderraman is convinced of the advantages of full community immersion.

The mention of specific companies or products of manufacturers does not imply that they are endorsed or recommended by WIPO in preference to others of a similar nature that are not mentioned. Checkout Case study Question and Answers Q 1. Hence the untapped market was huge. It could become a symbolic example of an approach to address the larger issue of Inclusive Growth.

This also depends the climatic conditions and lifestyle of the area. We involved BOP members in marketing, training, servile delivery and ztudy of logistics. Disruptive Innovation ; Consumer Products Industry. Such a price was very attractive as it was fifty percent lower than the cheapest refrigerator.

One objective of disruptive innovation is to remove barriers to consumption. The product was unveiled in a traditional rural palanquin amidst religious songs sung by women. And finally we have a dream that some day in future, Chotukool like products will help deliver vaccines to the children at the BOP in wide spread rural chotkkool where there is limited healthcare infrastructure, electric grid power and transport.

This approach may not work in all the villages or rural areas. This product cyotukool launched in an untapped market, therefore the opportunities were abound. We also got deep feed back on the product.