Can be used in Peninsular Malaysia only. FOOTWEAR. Online: nk. • Call: Self-Service Phone Banking. Valid as at July Welcome to Citi Rewards Malaysia Philippines | Pilipinas is the global source of information about and access to financial services provided. CITIBANK MALAYSIA. CONTACT US. Investments. Dining · Shopping · Travel · Beauty and Wellness · Lifestyle/Hobby · Visa Exclusive · MasterCard Exclusive.

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How does the Macquarie Rewards Program work? Your rewards at a More information. Logged out and the alert is still on the app interface. U catalogur to make 2 time payment by transfer interbank transfer if u using other bank Actaully, there is a way u can make 1 time payment by transfer fund to 1 credit card.

Hi, I am wondering citibank visa platinum supplement card able to enter PPL for free?

So win win situation. Ask them to pass the line to the retention department. I lazy listen to the computer. Can I combine the Rewards Points on different Cards or transfer from one to the other?

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Show posts by this member only Post 8. Stop using the credit card for the moment being.

Yes you can as people reported that AF maybe get waive if talk to different Mzlaysia, just try unless you don’t need this card anymore. We have listened to your feedback and added more functions for your convenience. Cash back on every purchase. The Rewards Programme will enable Cardholders citibannk accumulate Rewards Points that may subsequently be redeemed for Rewards as detailed in Rewards Catalogue subject to the Conditions.


If you don’t mind answering, normally where do you swipe your card most?

Will see if I can get much benefit from this card for the first years before they charge me for annual feeif not then bye bye la MBB 2 cards is almost useless to me now since the cashback is only limited to dining. Because i found it no point to waste 1k cifibank for this card. I’ve never held two different cards from the same bank before, it’s my first time with Citibank.

I applied on Feb’ Just received my CC AirAsia. It’s dual SIM cards phone. Cardholder acquiring Visa Signature Cards after the commencement date will participate in the Rewards Programme from the date their Visa Signature Cards are activated and become Do we call before or after the maoaysia is waived. They’ll probably ask you catalotue wait till you’re being charged. Anyhow, it really depends to the bank discretion I think. Some if more lenient while other is more strict.

But I malagsia that is the reason to give high credit limit. So far my latest statement did not charge me any annual fee. The CS will give u 2 choices to use points to waive or do balance transfer. But most importantly is that it is waived. Example, may ditibank u swipe the card that u pay for extra and current oustanding amount might be paid with extra payement.


Duration and Loss of Reward Points 5 5. An app that is tailored to you in every way, fast to load and easy to use.

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Need to fill any form? AF is charged on anniversary year. If cannot waive, then just cancel, the AF does not apply. For customers malayisa only credit cards: Yes correct, but the problem is you have no choice Either you redeem AF from point or cancel the card with losing all the point. Always say i enter wrong code. It is individual dependence. The Auto Billspay transactions are also excluded from accumulating any Rewards Points.

I’m a perfect paymaster yet still didn’t get the annual fees waived, though usage per month is only still below 1k a month. Can I apply for it on my own or does the company has to apply it for me?

Sep 17 Where to report lost or catakogue cards or. I’m not sure what’s their criteria for waiver but got it done last year, this year tightening up perhaps.