Funny how your solicitor forgot to quote you for filing CKHT 2A, which ought to cost RM/purchaser. Lucky you then!:P disbursements. Disposer to complete Form CKHT 3, CKHT 1A (for disposal of property) and/or CKHT 1B (for Real Property Acquirer to submit CKHT 2A with CKHT 3 to IRB. CKHT 2A [buyer/ acquirer] – for buying real property or RPC shares – use If the disposal comes under Income Tax Act , do not file CKHT.

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So, to be honest, I wouldn’t be so worried.

Advantage, Rakyat!

Internet banking may be done at: The acquisition price of shares is determined according to para 4 or 9, Schedule 2, that is, the value in the form of cash, or cash value for acquiring, or at market value as provided under para 34A 3 b. Disposal of 1 terraced house only Onthe owner is to dispose of 1 terraced 2z at RM, Hope the above helps.

It was a real property company. Or, heaven forbid, you have to sell, but the price has dropped.

Disposal of a terraced house by owner in example 3a. By introducing the cumbersome formula for calculating the gains tax payable for any disposal, they seem to have their own interests in mind. This loss is not deductible from the subsequent disposal2 in example 7 bbecause the loss in disposal1 was incurred after more than 5 years of purchase.


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The procedures explained below are applicable for disposal of properties from 1 January onwards. It was sold on 4. Dario, you certainly do have your side of the story, and am not saying I don’t agree with your points too, but how I would play it out would be to inform the lawyer first that I’m going to try myself since I needed the title quickly, take it as a help for him, and not so much as an indication that he is not able to do his job, This post has been edited by dariofoo: If there are any other costs, it may be admin fees which you have to pay the developer, before you can collect the keys.

Disposal after 3 years of purchase. I’ll try to get a PDF format of it and post it here. Exemption does not apply to any disposal of real property company shares. It’s Still There Known for its flipping history, probably people may question if the scale rates would be back.

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What do you think? The gain from disposal 2 is regarded as the gain in disposal 1.

Are this the only two legal fees that I’ve to pay or there are other miscalleneous cost to this as well? Therefore, company H has become a real property company.

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Furthermore, you really really don’t want to go to a land office in Malaysia. An example of a real property company — where a limited company acquired real property worth RM, whereas the total asset amounts to RM, Procedure for submitting gains tax forms Old forms: Lawyers 2aaA one-stop centre on lawyers and queries.


Election for Exemption re private residence. Or offer to bring your own syringe to the clinic when you need a jab or offer to sterilise it for the doc?

The certificate of non-chargeability is something new that the Inland Revenue Board IRB has introduced to confirm whether one is chargeable for tax.

Disposal after 5 years of purchase; or b. This is the refiance charges for my existing house borrower: So I guess in this part, all legal fees between me and the developer is settled. If the dev makes the payment for the deposit of utilities in your favour, they would request you to reimburse them for it too. Question is – why do you need the title so quickly? My lawyer was certainly appreciative of my efforts too. If you insist on taking your own solicitor, the developer would most likely decline to pay for the legal fees involved.

Submit CKHT within 1 month [old law] from the disposal date. There are three scenarios under the RPGT regime:.