There are three different types of genetic mutations in the Cockatiel. These are Sex-Linked, Recessive, and Dominant. The Sex-linked mutations are Pearl. Explore Jagadish Jay’s board “Cockatiels and its mutations” on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Birds, Cockatiel and Beautiful birds. Different mutations of cockatiels | See more ideas about Parrots, Beautiful birds and Parakeets.

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Before I go, I’ll touch briefly on the fact that the mutations can double, triple, and quadruple up! Note the pics mutationx Ralphie whiteface and Linus cinnamon below.

Though it has been bred through to the offspring, I do not believe this is a mutation. Her colors are lighter.

Kersh in and she was muations working with this mutation, and I might add, they were outstanding in color. Hens may also have slight yellow flecking on head. The pied birds cannot be sexed by visual markings as can the other mutations. Often it looks like it’s a yellow ‘wash’ over their heads, which can look almost greenish.

The pearl markings occur on all young birds, but after mutatiions first moult the cock birds lose the pearl effect. A mature male will have a dark grey body everywhere except for the white stripe on each wing, the bright yellow face and crest, and the orange cheek spots.


An unusually marked cinnamon occurred that has splotches of color on its back and wings.

Cockatiel Genetics

Sexing must be done by behavior. Fallow is the sixth established mutation.

As previously mentioned, when working with this mutation it advisable to not cross breed with Cinnamon or Pearl, because both mutations will enhance faults or greatly alter the visual color. In all young mutarions and the adult females, the face is still duller, but it’s a dull grey with a fainter grey cheek spot, rather than the dull yellow and orange remember, there is no yellow or orange in a white face tiel.

Though he will retain some scattered spots, they too will dissipate over several molts. Females are usually pretty quiet and are more likely to hiss and bite.

Cockatiel Mutations | Beauty of Birds

Other than the visual sexing that can mmutations performed on mature birds, some breeders also check the pelvic bones as means of sexing a bird. No two birds are alike. The beak and feet are light toned, lacking melanin pigments, with the toenails appearing a pale tan.

After the first molt the male obtains a white-face. The breeding of these mutations should only be done dockatiel experts in cockatiel genetics until they have been well established. Eventually they will lose all of them until they look just like normals. Women mytations have wider pelvic bones than males. The basic idea is that the pelvic of female cockatiels are more flexible and further apart — as the egg has to be able to pass through it.


The pied mutation has a great variance in color markings. The plumage is a light, silvery grey.

During the first year most of the pearl males can be distinguished from normal males in that they carry a few pale flecked feathers on the mutarions of the shoulder. Instead of the normal yellowish color, the charcoal has white down. There is the dominant silver, and the recessive silver. However, they should more appropriately be called “White-face Lutino. Also note that a white face pied will have white patches instead of the yellow, as well as the white face pearl will have white speckles.

The pied is recessive, so unlike the sex-linked mutation the hen can be split to cockafiel.

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Codkatiel Fallow is a red eyed bird. The Charcoal does not carry any yellow pigment; without the yellowish background, the bird appears to be sooty charcoal in color. Other terms used for this mutation are laced and opaline.