Joseph Bruchac. · Rating details · 8, ratings · 1, reviews. Throughout World War II, in the conflict fought against Japan, Navajo code talkers were a. But now Joseph Bruchac brings their stories to life for young adults through the tale of Ned Begay, a sixteen-year-old Navajo boy who becomes a code talker. Code Talkers by Joseph Bruchac. Code Talkers Code Talker is a novel narrated by a man named Ned Begay, describing the story behind the metals he.

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Like I said, it took me two weeks to read. The author, Joseph Bruchac, did an outstanding job with voice.

War novels turn monotonous when their authors start to detail every battle their protagonists are involved in. I believe he did the true-to-life story justice, making it interesting as well as informative. Also spot on though depressing is the main character’s return to civilian life, where he is thrown out of a bar that doesn’t serve Indians. This book is perfect for the average person who is interested in how WW2 went down with the secret “Code Talkers”.

The Next Targets Please try again later. In order to complete the task they would drink from the cactus to maintain their hydration. Bruchac does a wonderful job of giving a sense of the complexities of growing up on a Navajo reservation in the first half of the book. I say “too many” because having a lot of friends during war can be a painful thing.

Code Talker: A Novel About the Navajo Marines of World War Two by Joseph Bruchac

It didn’t matter because there didn’t need to be allowance for social change. Written for the youth-lit market, but a fast and engaging read for anyone with a craving for an alternative WWII story.

Although a bit dry and fact-driven, it was still a good read, delivering good information about a topic that has been continually overlooked. The Navajo code was codd for the success of the United States military, especially in the Pacific during battles like Iwo Jima.


Code Talkers by Joseph Bruchac

This writing is so real. Joseph Bruchac starts this book not with Pearl Harbor, but with the hero as a little kid being abused in boarding schools for speaking Navajo. In this case, maybe bruchzc. Using a fictional character of a code talker this story tells of the invaluable contibution made by the Navajos who created an unbreakable code using their language.

Oct 22, Mercutio rated it really liked it. I am not sure the author intentionally based his protagonist on the Marvel superhero, but both characters share similar flaws, including being not terribly interesting in themselves. See all 10 questions about Code Talker….

He was often treated differently and unjustly compared to white students at non-reservation schools. The Navajo language was used as a code in World War Two. Did any apology or compensation ever happen in the USA? Retrieved from Teen Ink: Bruchac bruchc not make World War II look glamorous.

His grueling journey is eye-opening and inspiring. Aug 11, Kaethe rated it it was amazing Shelves: Code Talker is a historical novel for a YA audience, told from the perspective of fictional character Ned Begay as finally released from U.

Pope Benedict XVI, meeting with native Canadiansapologized Wednesday for abuses at Christian schools that Indian children were forced to attend from the 19th century until the s to assimilate them into American society. Unfortunately, because this is the story a Navajo man is telling to his grandchildren, I feel like we miss some of the emotional resonance of his experiences in WWII.

Although his American Indian heritage is only one part of an ethnic background that includes Slovak and English blood, those Native roots are the ones by wh Joseph Bruchac lives with his wife, Carol, in the Adirondack mountain foothills town of Greenfield Center, New York, in the same house where his maternal grandparents raised him.


These questions are addressed, to an extent, but only in a few glossy sentences. I love the way Joseph Bruchac describes everything with such detail. The Black Beach The Navajo Marines is something that I wish I’d been able to learn more about when I was in high school, it’s a very intriguing subject.

That said, Bruchac is one of the most reliable authors I know for fiction about Native Americans. Solid engaging storytelling, but with a few editing foibles. Now, I must confess that I don’t like war books. This book is brilliant. I don’t know how he found out so much about World War Two, but I like it. Stay in Touch Sign up. Neither sugar-coating the realities of war, nor overemphasizing the gruesome tragedies. This is a good title for reluctant readers I think, because of the narrator’s Ned Begay’s outsider-looking-in perspective on a consuming, harrowing time.

Only the white man’s way was acceptable. It took me several weeks to read Code Talker, but it was as satisfying as the blurb said it would be. Also by Joseph Bruchac. But after Pearl Harbor he wants to enlist into the Marines and does as soon as it was made possible. Their language that they were forbidden to speak, proved to make a huge contribution to the American efforts in the war. Ultimately, this historical fiction piece enlightens the reader of the importance of Navajo Indians during War World II, while viewing it from a young and inspiring Navajo, Ned Begay.

Nov 25, Pandora rated it really liked it Shelves: