For mission-critical applications where reliability is paramount, or when the cost of printing is a concern, the Compuprint is ready to support core business . Buy direct from the leader in Compuprint! Compuprint is in stock at SINCA – Printers, Parts, Supplies & Repair Services. Call !. The Compuprint dot matrix printer prints up to characters per second on up to 8 part forms. Get a quick quote. Find specifications. Ask experts.

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Push the cartridge down gently until it clips into place at locking points. Page Space the paper guides along the tractor bar. If the printer is not installed on the cabinet, make sure that there is enough space to stack the printed paper The interface connectors are located on the rear of the printer.

These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection cmopuprint harmful interference when the equipment is operated in compupront commercial environment.

It must be used if you need to repack the printer for shipment. Selecting The Display Language 7. Compuprint Specifications 2 pages. The Compuprint plus combines the performance and ruggedness of a line printer, while offering the paper flexibility compuprinf the superior print quality of a 24 pin serial matrix printer.

Unlock the sprockets of the Compuprintt tractor moving the sprocket levers up. See the information table below: Hold the package against the metal for at least two seconds. The default value is 1 sec.


Make sure that the printer is turned off. If installed, insert the fanfold paper between the lower and the upper tractor.

Close the packing box and fix it to the transport panel by means of the packing strip, inserting the plastic angles between the packing strip and the carton. If the problem is not solved call Service.


Compuprint | Impact Printers | Compuprint Series

Page 27 The interface connectors are located on the rear of the printer. The selected font is valid until the printer is turned off or a new font is selected using this key. Keep the packing material in a safe place.

Open the top printer cover. Open the tractor area cover, move the paper guides to the center of the tractor and fix the two transport screws.

Compuprint 10300 User Manual

Insert the power cable plug into the printer connector and the other power cable end into a convenient outlet the figure shows the European version. If your printer is located on the optional printer cabinet, the printed paper is collected on the output stacker: The printer will return the print head to the vertical position established before turning on Oversize modes at the completion of printing of the current barcode symbol.

If the printer is installed on 100300 table, it is not necessary to connect the ground cable. Turn the printer off and then on again. With the help of another compuorint, remove the two foam 10030 on either side of the printer, the plastic bag covering the printer and the two carton strips.

Compuprint 10300 Dot Matrix Printer

Open the top cover using the handles on the front side of the covers. Got it, continue to print. All trademarks herein recalled are registered by their respective companies. Page Fanfold width: Gently push the Controller Board compuprintt the printer until it is seated in the connector inside the printer. Slide the ribbon guide out of the print head. Disconnect the connector cable and press on the push buttons to disengage the Front2 push tractor.


Adjust gently the right sprocket to remove slack from the paper.

If installed, reposition the Front2 tractor in its initial position. Compuprint plus combines performance and ruggedness of a Line Printer in a smaller layout. The fastest Serial Printer today available in the Printing World Compuprint combines performance and ruggedness of a Line Printer in a smaller layout PPH page per hour LPM lines per minute Million characters Print Head life Compuprint adopts enhanced and improved electronic and mechanical solutions that compupeint the real print performance to an unbeatable level.

Match the left sprocket for the first printing position, i.

Compuprint plus Compuprint plus New. Printing at compu;rint noise level. Turn again the ribbon-winding knob in the arrow direction located on the cartridge to take up slack in the ribbon. Page 58 Interface Settings Depending upon the installed Controller Board, the printer can be equipped with different interfaces to connect to the host system. The display shows alternately.

Press the key when the printer is turned on and is offline or online without printing. The messages indicating the paper paths are shown depending upon the printer model and if the corresponding loading device is installed on the printer.

Functions This item groups various printer functions, with which you can configure the printer. An additional front push tractor may compprint installed on the printer. Compuprint Part Description: