When isolated from clinical specimens, nondiphtherial Corynebacteria, such as Corynebacterium striatum, Corynebacterium amycolatum. ABSTRACT. We describe an unusual cluster of Corynebacterium striatum infections in 21 patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) admitted. Objective: To evaluate the clinical significance of and describe factors associated with Corynebacterium striatum infection. Methods: A.

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Susceptibility of 63 Corynebacterium striatum clinical isolates to 16 antimicrobial agents. A year-old woman visited our emergency department because of exertional dyspnea due to severe left ventricular functional failure. Thus, the patient was diagnosed with a C. Immunity in an infant population in the City of S.

Corynebacterium striatum bacteremia associated with central venous catheter infection. Actinobacteria primarily A00—A79—, — Introduction The Corynebacteria are a group of aerobic, Gram-positive, catalase-positive, nonsporulating, generally nonmotile rods [ 1 ].

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XbaI digestion of the 63 C. The genus was defined based on morphological characteristics. Medically relevant Corynebacterium species include Corynebacterium diphtheriaethe primary cause of diphtheria, and the non-diphtherial corynebacteria, which are part corynebaxterium the normal flora of the skin and mucous membranes.


Wound infections due to opportunistic Corynebacterium species. Brandenburg AH, et al.

Exposure to fluoroquinolones selects for spontaneous mutants in large bacterial populations, including those that colonize the skin and mucous membranes such as corynebacteria. Accurate diagnosis of the infection and prompt management helped in a favourable outcome for the patient.

Corynebacterium striatum: a diphtheroid with pathogenic potential.

High frequency of macrolide resistance mechanisms in clinical isolates of Corynebacterium species. Otsuka Y, et al. In terms of nutritional requirements, all need biotin to grow.

Pulsed field gel electrophoresis: All strains were susceptible to vancomycin, linezolid, and daptomycin. Corynebacterium striatum -A classic pathogen eluding diagnosis.

Abstract A year-old woman visited our emergency department because of exertional dyspnea due to severe left ventricular functional failure. Springer Nature remains neutral with regard to jurisdictional claims in published maps and institutional affiliations. Genomics and Molecular Biology.

During the period —, 90 strains recovered from clinical specimens submitted for routine culture to the microbiology laboratory of the FHU hospital were assigned to the genus Corynebacterium on the basis of colony morphology, Gram staining, and catalase production. Gaiellales Rubrobacterales Thermoleophilales Solirubrobacterales. Footnotes Electronic supplementary material Supplementary information accompanies this paper at doi: Fluoroquinolones have been intensively used at the FHU hospital during the last two decades.


In our strains, single amino-acid substitutions in position 87 of the GyrA protein generated ciprofloxacin resistance but double mutations corynebaccterium the gyrA gene leading to changes in positions 87 and 91 were necessary for high level resistance to ciprofloxacin and moxifloxacin.

In vitro activity of tigecycline and 10 other antimicrobials against clinical isolates of the genus.

Corynebacterium striatum: a diphtheroid with pathogenic potential.

How to cite this URL: The ampC gene was detected in 22 of the 28 cefotaxime-resistant C. Tauch A, et al. Another cluster has been proposed, consisting of C. Corynevacterium addition, there is a report of a patient who underwent hemodialysis and developed sepsis caused by a Corynebacterium sp.

These enzymes are up-regulated in industry through genetic engineering to ensure adequate amounts of lysine precursors are produced to increase metabolic flux.