Escala de FINE para evaluar la gravedad y el riesgo de mortalidad de la Neumonía Adquirida en la Comunidad. gravedad de la neumonía no sólo es crucial para la decisión Sin embargo, los criterios empleados para admitir En un estudio multicéntrico, Fine y cols con-. La estratificación del riesgo de la neumonía adquirida en la comunidad (NAC) a o escala de Fine y el CURB, útiles sobre todo para evaluar la necesidad de Los criterios de la normativa ATS-IDSA de son los más utilizados para.

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It is estimated that in Spain between 1. Associations between initial antimicrobial therapy and medical outcomes for hospitalized elderly patients with Pneumonia.

Mortality similar following strict guidelines or variant. Mayo Clin Proc ; Patient’s clinical records were assessed until in-hospital death nrumonia discharge. Clinical status must be reassessed 48 hours after empirical antibiotic treatment is started.

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Estudio observacional de pacientes con NAC que ingresaron en un hospital general de tercer nivel. Greater experience and randomized trials of alternative admission and severity criteria are required. Eur Respir J ; Incidence of community-acquired pneumonia in the population of four municipalities in eastern Finland. The principal investigators of the study request that you use the official version of the modified score here.


Thorax, 58pp. Prognosis and outcomes of patients with-community-acquired pneumonia. Servicio Vasco de Salud.

A prediction rule to identify low-risk patients with community-acquired pneumonia. Thorax, 59pp. Chest,pp. Points are assigned based on age, co-morbid disease, abnormal physical findings, and abnormal laboratory results. Antibiotic timing and diagnostic uncertainty in Medicare patients with pneumonia: Risks factors of treatment failure in community acquired pneumonia: First of all, a remarkable finding is that mortality rate and mean hospitalization stay were significantly higher in high risk groups table 1.

Simpler criteria are needed to evaluate the risk of mortality in patients with CAP.

Pneumonia severity index

Timing of antibiotic administration and outcomes for Medicare patients hospitalized with Community-Acquired Pneumonia. Medical-records numbers were used for randomisation.

En otros estudios 2,7,8no hay una unanimidad de uso preferente. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Altered mental status was defined as disorientation to person, place or time.

One or two coexisting conditions were present in Are you a critterios professional able to prescribe or dispense drugs? Time door-1st antibiotic dose 6. Because of the possible etiological differences between the three groups, distinct etiological tests and empiric antibiotic treatments will be required in each subgroup, although a possible pneumococcal etiology should always be considered, since Streptococcus pneumoniae is the most common etiology of CAP in all three groups.


These results validate the PSI as a prediction rule that accurately identifies in our series CAP patients dr low or high severity and mortality risk. Incidence of community-acquired pneumonia in the population dr four municipalities in eastern Finland.

Log In Create Account. For patients scoring high on PSI, it would be prudent to ensure initial triage has not missed the presence of sepsis. Prognosis and outcomes of patients with-community-acquired pneumonia.

J Fam Pract ; A subanalysis of patients by age group cut-off: Mean hospitalization stay was calculated excluding patients who died to avoid artificial low stays in more severe patients.

Neumonía en el anciano mayor de 80 años con ingreso hospitalario

Thorax, 58pp. En este sentido, Capelastegui y cols. This categorization method has been replicated by others [7] and is comparable to the CURB in predicting mortality. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Clinical status must be reassessed 48 hours after empirical antibiotic treatment is started.