Some day when I learn how to play guitar better, I might have try at “Cardiology!”: oTell me Jack, did you find BluesJamTracks’ TAB of Cardiology accurate???. Daniele Gottardo was born on August 26th in Rovigo, Italy and is a talented guitarist and Daniele Gottardo – Cardiology (Guitar Idol Finalist). Just brought the bundle for this song from BluesJamTracks so i can try to learn the tapping parts and stuff to improve my playing. Two words.

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I really like Daniele’s music – it has an epic, majestic quality that I love and of course he can play rings around all the other contenders Yeah i’m thinking along the same lines mate I just checked my Fender, Heritage and PRS and they all have similar action, just under 1mm at 1st fret, about 2mm at the 12th fret and just over 2 at the 22nd fret the Eaniele is more like. Forums New posts Search forums.

Daniele Gottardo – Cardiology.

Daniele Gottardo – Cardiology | Rob Chapman Forum

Damn this guy can play. You must log in or register to reply here. Voodoorider Can spot a twat a mile away. He’s also got a new web page: I did the exact same thing a couple of months back when Hope appeared and I thought I might not have lost too much in the way of chops because frankly I would have managed that happily whilst on form.


Conversely danoele right hand part is fine for me action on guitar permitting but mah injury makes a lot of left-hand hammer action quite difficult indeed.

That camera angle editing is fucking horrific. Monty Djentral Warrior Dec 2, Thread starter Griffo Start date Dec 1, I have messed around with more right hand tapping in the past, but you need a guitar gotardo a seriously low action to pull it off Stanley Jordan has a custom Vigier with an action of.

Griffo Well-Known Member Dec 1, Ok, i guess a really low action would only be suited to kinda shredding and legato though, or anything that doesn’t rely on big string vibration?

For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Monty Djentral Warrior Dec 1, Just brought the bundle for this song from BluesJamTracks so i can try to learn the tapping parts and stuff to improve my playing. Members Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts. Do you see what i mean?

ShadyDave New Member Dec 1, Nah, Hope’s action is comfortable and veers sharply away after the 10th fret to “not good for tapping”. Looks like i’ll have to check out more stuff by Daniele then Gottrado remember watching his version of the Simpsons theme tune in uber shred form I can’t picture in my head if a string is vibrating, it’s almost certainly going to “want” to vibrate more than 1mm, so what i see is if you had a 1mm action, you pick a cardiolgoy, the string wants to vibrate dahiele it’s most mid point, at a greater amount than 1mm, but it cancels out because the frets whip it short of it’s full potential as it can vibrate no more than 1mm or.


Daniele Gottardo – Cardiology

How come some people can have an action so low it’s almost touching the frets and it’s deemed fine. On a realted ogttardo, he is stupidly good – I’ve follwed him since guitar idol – and I maintain that he should have one by a mile and a fucking half. What’s new New posts New profile posts Latest activity.