Many of you probably know DM of the Rings. If not, and you are familiar with. Being gamers, these players are naturally geeky in other ways, which happens. If there’s one trap that every GM falls into at some point, it’s getting into a topic.

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Quest Regards Sun 25 Mar, — Episode AT-ATs at the end. After ten years of in-story time and eleven years of our real world timeshowing you the developing relationship between Jim and Annie, we couldn’t not show you the wedding.

After Jim reveals the terrible truth, and Boba has his breakdown and falls into droods Sarlaac, his reaction is about something else Jim had said Jerkass Has a Point: I’m pretty sure this does not match the definition of “sneaking in”. Don’t forget, animals might be able to pull that of even without that ability, cats for example are able to squeeze through very small places where you wouldn’t think that possible as well. That’s not what it says on your card. Let’s see what loot I got from your corpse.

Players / PCs

I wrote “Good” on my character sheet, and I jolly well meant it! Percussive maintenance on the Millennium Falcon Dadths welds something R2-D2 plugs into a computer terminal socket The First Order builds another giant superweapon Someone we thought was dead turns out to be alive A Force ghost appears Someone constructs a new lightsaber Jar Jar Binks A new single biome planet Hyperdrive malfunction A yellow lightsaber An alien animal attacks!


But salmon can swim upstream. She finally settled on C-3PO and Yoda.

Anticlimactical Retreat Thu 31 Aug, — Episode Static Fiction Tue 26 Jun, — Episode Drooids those moments will be lost in time Snoke says he intends for Kylo to become a new Vader. How was that casino word called? What else do you do with them? Detonation Unknown Tue 29 May, — Episode He got interested in the group after hearing Pete talk about it, but was stunned to find it wasn’t a role-playing video game.

Darths & Droids Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Sure, he could shoot Obi-Wan Crystals Cleared Thu 7 Dec, — Episode Let’s make the most of it. A non-Chewbacca Wookiee Nope.

Taken Up to Eleven in this strip. An old roleplaying buddy of Jim’s. What a great game!

One almost identical to Dooku’s, in fact Rey goes Dark Side. Samus Is a Girl: Droids walk through a crossfire without getting hit.

Darths & Droids

Even Vader was impressed by their defensive arsenal. He is eventually taken over by Ben. Take it literally do not, little fishy. What sort of criminal mastermind would I be if I did that?


Dragon with an Agenda: Laser-Hosen Thu 28 Jun, — Episode As she’s grown up, she’s matured into a social activist.

Well, it could be worse. On his own, obviously, without me faithfully by his side.

German, French and others. Weighty Deliberations Thu 21 Dec, — Episode He is played by Sally for a short while.

C-3PO says how many forms of communication he’s fluent in. If the character is a PC, the various characters they play will be here as well.

Fossil Fool Thu 18 Jan, — Episode After all, in the world of the Comic Irregulars, Star Wars does not exist. He detests marmalade, thus sabotaging Ane attempt to get him to the negotiating table with promises of sandwiches.

Hey, that wasn’t my idea. What else would any roleplayer ans when placed in a room of any description? This is a stark reversal from the original movies: