Meskot salutes the Ethiopian poet Debebe Seifu. This poem was contributed by Tariku to Meskot_forum and typed in the Ethiopic script by Kebebush Tesfaye. Yebirhan fikire(Debebe Seifu poem). 67 likes. Book. Debebe Seifu “YeBirhan Fikir”E.C. Fan Recommended Poem.

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Major Themes In Ethiopian Poetry In English From | D Seifu –

When kins and enemies Do scron and torture thee; In hope lie remedies, So hope in what will be. C, which have different zeifu of recurrent themes. Cameron Vigliotta Oct The poems that concentrate on the theme of criticism, criticize the educated African and focus on the issue of Pan Africanism. Lines His death with his good nature seems a reason to make them sad.

And yet there is no peace No escape from life For farther as you plunge 15 Into dehebe night Deeper you forge forward Into the dark Forward there is no light Backward there is no hope This poem shows the passage of a good time after leaving the countryside to the city.

The reason for his problem of choice is the entire situation where he wants to speed is not inviting. On the contrary, in creative writing theme is the abstract idea that is made concrete through representation. Under each major class of themes there are different sub topics that seufu the chapter.

IV, No 27, p. Some of the poems discuss about the memory of love and the others show the strong power of love to control the lover’s emotion. Amidst the blaze of the heavenly stars 5 I felt at loss The loss of a traveller in a strange land A sudden fear flashed across my heart, Thought of things long-gone and things to come And my weary body shook and froze.


Generally the poems in this section talk about Ethiopia. Holman including poetry with other creative works says, the following about the concept of theme.

Ibid According to these lines men will pass away after living in the world for some time. The speaker of the poem says his effort is in search of his identify. This poem expresses its sympathy for the late queen Mennen. Ibid With these lines the poem advises the educated generation to renew his cultural roots.

Ladies, Gentlemen thou being young Look at the young African glaring, Beer annotated sixteen poems. Out of these poems two are translations from Amharic while the other are original works in English. A critical Anthology of Ethiopian Literature in English If gone are many and still more to leave, Why should we mourn and weep as we live?

Remembering Assistant professor poet Debebe Seifu

For the one who experienced harsh laws, for the other who faces depressing times and for those who are thrown in jail; hope, which remains with every one keeps them alive. Concerning the themes of Tsegaye’s poems Debebe points out that the poet reveals African oppression which results in the loss so many values. So the poet strongly tells the African in the sense of this poem the educated Ethiopian to accept his heritage and renew the roots.

This historical factor brought about educational practice, which is another factor for the appearance of Ethiopian literature in Debdbe. During the reign of Haile Selassie I, a more profound schooling system was established.


Remembering Assistant Professor Poet Debebe Seifu

Review of Related Literature 9 poema. In one of the stanza he says like this. C, which can be considered as the early stage of Ethiopian poetry in English.

Though he referred to it by death, he states its name as sleep. Thou art the course of man, And long is thy strong rope, Infinite in its span. Poejs and condolence to the family And relatives of president Kennedy 15 In this unforgettable and terrible tragedy.

According to the poem the land looks attractive with flowers, insects and the sun.

Ethiopian Poetry: Ke Axum Chaf Akumada by Debebe Seifu

Ethiopian poetry in English is part and parcel of Zeifu creative writings in English. This seems to be the first poem in English by an Ethiopian poet.

Thus the study tries to discuss the major issues and concerns of the poems of this period by analyzing some selected poems of the time in English. Ibid In these lines also the speaker shows his frustration. The next section will look at these materials. Except two research papers and a few articles, we do not find other studies on Ethiopian poetry in English.

Though I bid fare-well to life Where you too seiuf included, Breaking the law of nature Your love has intruded Ibid Another poem xeifu Tsegaye, ” Many A Cold Season” too has the same subject matter with the previous love poem.