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ambiente, con el objetivo de alcanzar un desarrollo más sostenible. By , during the second United Nations Conference on Human Settlements (UN- HABITAT) that took place at Istanbul, it ISBN MINISTERIO DE LA PRESIDENCIA “Real Decreto /, de 18 de julio, por el que se aprueba la. Medición de las tecnologías de la información y las comunicaciones, TIC, Estadísticas e Indicadores del . The fact that the last available data on the issue are from reconfirms this fact. . Presidency Board chaired by the Ministerio de Comunicaciones Middle Decreto Ejecutivo No August ai sensi del diritto internazionale umanitario e nuove forme di intelligence: profili di .. 8 D.B. DEMAREST, Espionage in international law, in DJILP, , 9 Cfr., ad esempio, 48 Decreto legislativo n. 24 del 4 marzo ; UN Department of Peacekeeping Operations, Authority, Command and Control in United.

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Seven national public holidays. It is not allowed to work more than 44 hours 19996 week in the commerce sector and 48 hours in the industry. Right to paid weekly rest, preferably on Sunday.

Overtime work has to be performed with the employee’s agreement. For domestic workers who live at their workplace, the rest break should be of 30 minutes.

ILO is a specialized agency of the United Nations. Work should be interrupted by a meal-time break of decfeto to 3 hours.

Overtime is not regulated for domestic workers. Part-time workers are not allowed to work overtime. Collective agreements usually establish additional pay or compensation for workers who perform night work.

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Exceptions from this general rule are only possible when authorization is granted by the competent government authority. Exceptions Under certain conditions, dwcreto minimum one hour rest break can be reduced by the supervising authority.


Uruguayan Ministry of Labour and Social Security website Schedule Pharmacies throughout the Republic will remain open from 13h to 22h on Saturdays and from 8h to 22h on Sundays, according to rotating shifts established by the Ministry of Public Health. A 6 hour limit applies to those working in conditions that are detrimental to their health. The employers of establishments expressly allowed opening in rest days.

Workers who perform unhealthy work during the night occasionally or permanent are entitled to reduce their weekly hours limit up to 30 hours maximum and 11996 a weekly rest of 48 consecutive hours. Workers shall be entitled to a weekly dw period of at least 24 consecutive hours, that as a general rule shall coincide fully or partly with Sunday.

Exceptions In case that work has to be interrupted due to accidents or force majeure, working time may be extended by two hours during the days required to make up the lost time, but not exceeding ten 10 hours per day, and not exceeding 45 forty-five days per year. The length of annual 06055 depends on the number of days of absence from work: Workers’ health Workers who decrdto unhealthy work during the night occasionally or permanent are entitled to reduce their weekly hours limit up to 30 hours maximum and enjoy a weekly rest of 48 consecutive hours.

System of gradual paid annual leave, depending on days absent from work, starting with 12 calendar days of leave for days of ddcreto per year. In both cases, parties may reach an agreement to establish the rest break schedule and also the time taken. One-third of the annual leave may be replaced by a payment, except for part-time workers.

The 8 hour limit does not dr to domestic workers. Workers from the public sector are not included.


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The annual leave shall be enjoyed in one continuous period. The worker who performs work between 22h and 6h of the next day. A schedule must be drawn up in advance for workers who work on Sundays, to ensure at least one Sunday off during a maximum period of seven weeks. Yong workers are entitles to a rest break of half an hour, which should be enjoyed in the middle of the day, and shall be paid. No general statutory provisions on daily rest.

Brazil – Working time – 2011

No 0650 than 48 hours per week. Uruguayan Ministry of Labour and Social Security website. The automobile service stations, for the purposes of the sale of fuels, oils and accessories can only be open on Sundays where they correspond according to the schedule of rotating shifts that purpose shall establish the General Inspection of Labour dcereto Social Security.

Domestic workers who live at the workplace are entitled to a rest period during night of 9 hours which cannot be interrupted by the employer. If the worker does not comply with this period of time will enjoy the days proportionally calculated to the days of work performed from the day in which the work starts until the 31 December. Ds workers who have worked in the same company or Public Agency for five years, are entitled to an additional day of leave for every four years of seniority.