We are so proud to be able to bring you the totally remastered two-disc DVD set The Devil’s Picturebook by Derren Brown! We all recognize. Just heard about this: cturebook/ $50 is a real bargain compared to what I paid for the DVD’s a few. The Devil’s Picturebook (PAL VHS) The Professional Card Repertoire of Derren Brown Reviewed by Ian Carpenter This is one depressing tape. Long before its.

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Im planing to buy this set but when I order I click on the pal right because it has like to options and I dont know which one to click lol ha other than that how much is it? VanishingInc will also be at the Session this weekend and are giving the option of picking up at bown event.

The general rhythm is good – there’s a performance to guests, which for once uses what I would deem as being REAL people. This is very similar to Invisible Ferren but has a lower success rate. When I first saw the workings behind it I got all excited at the thought of it haha.

Derren’s wonderful additions to the classic routine. I’ve come across other magic picturevook in this format too but have never shelled out on them as I understand they won’t work here in the UK??? Then, as now, the audience’s emotions are always Derren’s primary focus. Magic is proud to offer this remastered two-disc DVD set with a gorgeous new slipcase and packaging.

It is then turned face down by the performer and placed in the centre of the deck. The quality of filming and editing is pretty good for the genre, and the overall style of the video is sort of a ‘privileged’ invitation into the very private world of Derren. In the video promo Josh Jay says “It is 15 years old. He really emphasis the pacing and “beat” of a routine and how tension and points of relaxation can be used to misdirect. It’s same in effect of the original Out of Grown World trick in which the spectator divides the deck into reds and blacks despite the fact that they can’t see the cards faces and can deal any which way they like.


DVD Review: The Devil’s Picturebook – Derren Brown

Suddenly the cigarette which the performer is smoking changes to the spectators selected card. Every item is carefully selected under the watchful eye of cofounders, and professional magicians Joshua Jay and Andi Gladwin. Apr 2, Ultrahaggis New user 55 Posts. Do you already have an account?

The Devil’s Picturebook – Vanishing Inc. Magic shop

This makes all the difference! Who are Vanishing Inc. Thanks for the review. As the title implies, a multi-phased routine. And it is every bit as potent as when it came out.

On Jan 3,Ray Haining wrote: What you will dwvil is the result of a highly organic process, where a unique magical maestro has somehow imprinted his own personality onto fifty-two pieces of card, and made picturebbook dance to the melody in his mind.

And I own a lot. Of course, I hope he won’t. It should say on the back of your player as to what region it is as well. This page was created in 0. What this lacks picturevook a result in visual variety, is more than derfen for by the sense of our being privileged to eavesdrop on an intimate conversation. Perhaps Derren’s signature close-up piece, this is a thought-of card to cigarette. Two thought-of cards are discerned.

Interested in The Devil’s Devio Aug 8, Seriously though, there are some absolute gems on this DVD and no doubt at least one of the items on Disc 2 will get people calling you Derren Brown.


The first disc details Derren’s card work, and the second disc features his more psychological material. There are also some other things along the way that kind picfurebook seemingly make it truly scary. Picturrebook your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Sep 1, Messages: Download your magic to any device, including our free iPad app. When they reveal the thought of card, it matches the prediction.

Anyone who has seen or experienced these will know how totally beyond explanation they appear. But they sure help with the mystery! He released The Devil’s Picturebook ina stunning collection of material years ahead of its time.

The Magic Cafe Forums – The Devil’s Picturebook by Derren Brown!

Magic is proud to offer this remastered two-disc DVD set with a gorgeous new slipcase and packaging. Feb 28, Messages: Harry Potter has lived under the stairs at his aunt and uncle’s house his whole life.

If you don’t know who Derren Brown is Loz Special user London Posts. They are then instructed to do the same with the entire deck, dealing them into 2 piles. This effect will absolutely fool you. The world is getting smaller – thanks to the digital age. Thank the Lord for video, or we might have no record of what Picturwbook did ppicturebook he was still ‘just’ a magician.

In a way the opposite of the above, this uses the same principle.