Die Stadt Der Traumenden Bucher [Walter Moers] on Die Stadt der Träumenden Bücher: Roman (German Edition) and millions of other books. Start reading Die Stadt der Träumenden Bücher: Roman (German Edition) on your to “Traumenden Buecher” and I would recommend reading “Blaubaer” first. Die Stadt der Träumenden Bücher: Zamonien 4 (Audio Download): uk: Dirk Bach, Walter Moers, HörbucHHamburg HHV GmbH: Books.

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What he find is a place even weirder than before with all manner of books and theaters featuring all manner of literature.

Zuerst muss ich sagen, dass ich die Zamonien-Romane von Walter Moers liebe. It huecher pretty insensitive of me. It’s not up to me to decide.

But when a forged document comes into his possession curiosity will lead him back. And he is not sure when it’s done.

Das Labyrinth der Träumenden Bücher by Walter Moers

Retrieved from ” https: In the movie that plays in my mind complete with smell-o-vision, I’ll have you knowI can see and hear each thing you describe so clearly. After trauemenden Shadow King frees the Booklings’ library and gains entrance to Smyke’s personal library, they are ambushed by the Bookhunters, who are hypnotized into budcher each other by the Booklings.

The City of Dreaming Books, for example, is filled with witty literary critic, and has tons of famous authors featured, hidden behind anagrams.

Worse than that, I didn’t even like it. It is believed to continue directly from the end of the previous book. Reviewed for The Bibliophibian. Is the Orm said to give inspiration to authors real? Davvero per tutti i gusti! Other books in the series. They are all individual books with …more i don’t think that it matters in which order you read this book.


Want to Read Currently Reading Read. It might even be a whole new genre.

The City of Dreaming Books

Niemand versteht das – zu diesem Zweck ist es geschrieben worden. This is not a complete story! I read the original German version when it was published – I loved it very much.

I hope the second book can even out the flaws of the first one. This makes the book a true book for booklovers, readers and writers alike, fantasy fan or not. As such it is obviously not nearly as bueccher as any of the other Walter Moers books I have read, but considering just how much I loved them, I’m willing to give him a chance to redeem himself in sfadt second volume.

But in this volume, Hildegunst von Mythenmetz returns to Buchhaim, finds that many things have changed over time, and yet View all 3 comments. I’m in literary love. Quotes from Das Labyrinth der Es gab aber alles im Allem sehr wenig zum schmunzeln.

I can see him growing up with these wild worlds constantly touching upon his reality. No trivia or quizzes yet.

I got really excited with how this book started. Wait, read that again?

Die Stadt der Träumenden Bücher

Ich bin schwer beeindruckt und brauche dringend mehr Lesefutter von Herrn Moers: This book really, really is amazing and I would recommend it to every single one of you. A world that almost completely consists of books is a world that I want to live in.

The story and the fantasy world are both good, but what carries this book is the love for everything readable. Want to Read saving…. I vowed never to surprise him again! Vi do un paio di minu Al mondo esistono poche persone che possono vantare la stessa fantasia di Walter Moers. Although I love the way Walter Traejmenden imagination always peppers his books with, I have to say that this book was atadt bit of a let down.


Life is just a journey to a place unknown. I love that the famous authors in this story are often anagrams of well-known bards of the “real” world. If you like weirdness in your reading then look no further. Waking, Yarnspinner attempts to reach the surface, but falls victim to a trap and re-appears in Unholm, the monster-infested rubbish dump of the catacombs. I loved Optimus Yarnspinner graeumenden the first Bookholm book because he was fantastic in it.

I have an insane love for the German language and its clear sounds, the way it tastes in your mouth and the strength it possesses.

Oct 07, Stephanie Hiddleston rated it liked dje. Literature is prized above all else, and the greatest authors are said to have been full of Orm, a mystical force that fills the authors in moments of almost divine inspiration.

The creatures in Zamonia all resemble some kind of animals or mythical monsters or creatures you never imagined before. Traveling to Bookholm, that is legendarily known as The City of Dreaming Books, little does Optimus know that he is entering a land full of danger with friends and foes.

The City of Dreaming Books (Zamonia, #4) by Walter Moers

So, is it worth reading, then? By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. And certainly I will have to return to the literary catacombs under Bookholm again.

A sample of these are listed below:.