THE effect of wear and tear of the tailstock assembly of a lathe affects the accuracy of the finished product in several different ways. Wear on the bed-ways or. Assembly and Disassembly of Tailstockkiran wangikar Explain Tailstock And Its Components Lathe Machine: Production Lab MechanicalUPSC IAS. Preparing two wooden blocks (used as sleepers) and wire for guiding lead wires will be helpful. Disassemb ly and assemb ly tools. Disassembly and assembly.

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I’ve posted how to remove that bushing but it was some years back and I can’t find it now. If you grab it with pliers of any sort you’ll mar its OD and make your work much more difficult. I pretty much did the opposite of what I did to take it apart.

If his trouble was not being able to take the round-sliding-thing out of the casting,perhaps as suggested the anti-rotation key runs in a keyway one end of which is blind,so perhaps the bearing assy for the screw has to come out and the ram then comes out the back? Pulley and carrier cylinder. For now I would clean up the buggered threads on the screw with a file, “fix” the damaged threads in the nut by screwing the screw through from the other end of the ram, put it back together and use it.

But I do have a better idea of why we can’t build a conventional lathe in this country anymore. If the the fucking R K LeBlond company didn’t know a spindle from a quill then it is perfectly obvious why Harbor Freight and Grizzly are showing us how it’s done.

I am starting on a 9a rebuild and just took the tailstock apart. Overall view of the spindle.

We have a Leadspindle and Feedspindle in our lathesand i would not find it especially surprising some old fella called the quill a spindle, on some tailstocks it is essentially one, even though the nut revolves. I have a copy of the military manual for this series which shows that the nut is replaceable but does not give a proceedure to disassemble the tailstock.


By TD’s reasoning, the part of his anatomy that he uses when he’s demonstrating his naughty little word, is a quill but it just goes in and out, no torque, so it must be just a spindle! Thanks to the suggestions and a re-examination of the problem in assemb,y light I was able tailstoxk remove the, ov Your email address will not be published.

T he counter shaft speed control unit comes out easily in one piece. I am sure there is further adjustment required here. They are probably too detailed for anyone with common sense, but I wanted to remember the lathee of the steps as well as the location of some obscure fasteners.

2. Tailstock – Machine Drawing [Book]

It looks to me from your photo that you have several good threads left in the nut. I wonder if they changed the design with later models mine is a A, which was slightly earlier.

Have they been removed? Originally Posted by magneticanomaly. Weighing the bed on the bathroom scale.

Machine Drawing by N. D. Junnarkar

Completely forgot about that method, since the only time I’ve used it was on a bigger lathe to get a cismantling short live center out, and that lathe has been gone for quite a while. My other guess is, if you can remove part 7, and you can remove hub 24 then you can sort of unscrew the acme rod from the quill.

Next I lightly oiled the inside of the ram housing with type C oil and installed the shaft and retaining nut. Wouldn’t be as bad if he didn’t use a naughty childs profanity to puff himself up in front of an audience.


Disassembly of II Tailstock Quill for Maintenance : Teknatool International

Tailstock parts and apron parts were mixed here because I wanted to paint it all at the same time. I have removed the two hex screws but the nut is not free.

ov I missed this last night as rust and grime accumulated in the hole containing the “Binder” spindle lock, quill lock?

Hi Brian, thanks for the comment. It slides out easily after its off the screw. I keep subtracting these weights from the estimated total ofhoping to end up with nice small numbers for the bed and cabinet so I can roll them downstairs into my machine shop with a Yates appliance dolly. But we haven’t helped the poor guy trying to take his apart.

The hole in your part for the pin of the wrench has been damaged by folks doing it the brutal wrong way with a drift or screwdriver used as a punch. They did indeed call it a spindle. You would know this if there’s a corresponding keyway in the quill. These are somewhat disorgainized notes I copied tailstockk my notebook. Per my normal approach, everything got cycled into the electrolysis tank and cleaned. There is no set screw in it, Is it a point to put a punch in and tap around. Check Mc Master for the nut.

May want to use penetrating oil first. I was tempted to put a block between the chuck and the face plate and try to push out the chuck as I run in the quill, but I think I will scar the face plate or generally mess something up. Bed with the dovetail way removed.