Underfull \hbox and \vbox warnings will display sub-optimal text in the output. If it’s not visible to you, then you can probably ignore it. See What are Underfull. How to create PDF documentation with Doxygen/MiKTeX automatically. posted Jun 26, , PM by Ruslan C [ updated Jun 30, , PM ]. When generating the documentation directly on windows (also with this new doxygen version and with MikTex ) I already get error message.

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The syntax of the command is as follows. Clicking on next last screen will be displayed. I have doxygen with graphviz outputting data to run Miktex to produce a refman. This routine is an example public member function. Progress is displayed in console output.

[doxygen users] Generating PDF from Win32 platform

Suppose then that we had an image called figuresim2. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Step 16 needs to be followed two times.

Then click ‘examine’ to view the pages. SyncTeX written on refman.

Thanks Werner, if you’d like to make your comment an answer as well I can accept it as the solution. You can run doxygen in two ways. To first step in using doxygen to insert doxygen style comments into your code. For more detailed information and to download the doxygen program, visit their website.


Based on what I can see, this question is actually purely La TeX-related. Doxygen allows you to place this command in which ever comment you want.

Generating latex / pdf documentation of Doxygen

It doxygrn possible to use latex to produce formulas. PostScript that can be processed by utilities like psnup, psbook, psselect, and others. Rerun to get cross-references right.

Though we have only been showing html output, doxygen can also be used to create latex, man or rtf documents. There are already some examples of this in the CalRecon code.

If you want to use MikTeX then you need to download the fancyhdr package separately. Click on Run doxygen button.

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In our example we only have a single class, but you can use doxygen on as many different classes as you choose. Werner 7, 4 26 This will create the html voxygen for whichever package you had selected. You are commenting using your WordPress. We could be done with a simple change. Label s may have mkitex. GLAST software has adopted doxygen as our code documentation tool.


Make sure the tools are available from a dos box, by adding the directory they are in to the search path. Some message can be displayed, try to ignore.

Doxygen – Development – Generating latex / pdf documentation of Doxygen

So how does one add content to the mainpage? The expansion of your beta contributes assistance for an extended listing of dialects to aid reinforce that overseas usability. Well, no use duplicating introductions; this is what the doxygen webpage has to say. I’m flagging this for migration over to TeX.

I shall use the Mijtex style for examples from now on, but you can use either in your code. So ideally we would like this mainpage to be a description of the package in question.

Visit the doxygen homepage for info on downloading and setting up the executables. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here See Understanding how references and labels work.

You can find it at: