Alien Races and their descriptions, Inner Earth, Multi-dimensional and Off World Aliens described by Mary Sutherland. This is the best venue to see Atlantic salmon leaping the falls. There are viewing platforms above the river and you will experience the thrill of watching the fish. Extraterrestrial Biological Entities may be classified into two distinct categories as follows: a. EBE Type I. These entities are humanoid and might be mistaken for.

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The compilation of such a guidebook suggests a very well coordinated and funded research program exists in the classified projects involving EBEs and ETVs.

Also recommended Book information. The beach itself is one of the most beautiful beaches, with huge sand dunes, crashing Gkidebook Randle doesn’t accept Stone’s argument that the clerical training on his military record was only a cover for his specialized training in specialized units such as the Nuclear, Chemical and Biological Warfare training facility.

Handbooks 2018

Mary Sutherland is an author and researcher focusing her work on consciousness studies, ancient history and unusual phenomena. Salla, PhD July 23, http: Sgt Stone claims that guiedbook required for UFO retrievals he was typically called out to serve for a week.

This has very important exopolitical significance that I wish to now elaborate upon. My own conclusion as an guidebpok researcher is that we have only scratched the surface of what is known by government agencies and military departments about EBEs, their motivations and associated technologies.

Located by Staxigoe outside Wick, this castle sits precariously on a cliff edge! Karl – humaneze from India. Park next to Ross Head Lighthouse and walk to the castle — there are some fascinating information boards along the w It is also likely that such agencies have developed a very sophisticated analysis of the motivations and activities of EBEs that go far beyond any analysis available in the public arena see http: Fbe would also include those forms which are gudebook by fallen supernatural or paraphysical entities, whether of ‘gray,’ ‘human-like’, ‘mechanical’ or other configuration.

Clif High believes the Nommo are the original parents of the Human race while the Anunnaki are a much more recent and less advanced race. Sgt Stone first saw the “EBE Guidebook” in and claims that it contained much information on each of group of EBEs in terms of their physiology, food requirements and medical information.


They are also known as the “Dragon Race” and their symbology usually includes the Winged Serpent. The late Queen Mother enjoyed visiting the beautiful and windswept Caithness area and, whilst visiting inshortly after the death of her husband King George VI, she saw the Castle of Mey for As a whistleblowerthere continues to be intense debate over Sgt Stone’s testimony and the veracity of his claims.

Exopolitics Comment # 35

Perhaps, then, this book itself may be considered a vortex. He claims that he was picked out during his childhood by the U. The strongest objective support for his claims of having worked in covert UFO retrieval projects is the extensive documentation he has provided to support the existence of covert UFO crash retrieval teams.

Monkey Gods using monkey laborers to build a bridge in Lanka. There are some who suggest that ehe ‘infiltrators’ of this type may exist in our society, and that certain characteristics might give them away–i. She is a “hands on” researcher and the creator of one of the largest website on the internet with hundreds of pages providing information on the paranormal, UFOs, ancient races and their cultures, sacred sites and power points of the world, underground tunnels and cave systems, dimensional worldsmetaphysics, etc.

An Interview with Clifford Stone – The EBE Guidebook

The famous abductee Barney Hill guudebook along with his wife Betty was abducted by ” Zeta Reticulan Greys ” instated under regressive hypnosis that he had encountered an evil-eyed “German Nazi” working with the Greys on board the craft. If Stone was only ever a typist, as Capt Randle suggests, then it would be hard to explain how a clerk typist would have knowledge of classified ebee such as Moon Dust and Bluefly that prior to Stone’s successful FOIA requests, were officially denied to exist.

This is the best venue to see Atlantic salmon leaping the falls. Stone’s successful FOIA requests of documents describing classified projects, gives credence to his claims that he had first hand knowledge of these classified projects, and was very likely involved with Projects Moon Dust and Bluefly as a crash retrieval specialist. Although not much has been written about them, it seems that human beings at least in part control this star system, along with “The Orange”.


This suggests that if exopolitical guideboik are to influence government policy in how information on EBE groups and ETH is to be disseminated into the public arena, that there needs to be more appreciation of the extensive knowledge gained over five decades of covert research on EBEs and the government response.

These may possess a highly- developed ‘bio-sensing’ system. It is well worth the four mile walk from Blairmore car park. This is what a local museum should be like. May have once lived on land, yet became more aquatic over the centuries. And as we’ve said, some allegedly possess ‘aerial disk’ technology and interplanetary travel capabilities. He was editor-in-chief of Ancient American Magazine from to and has traveled the world collecting research materials for his twenty-seven published books.

Hearts of sacrifice victims were cut out, and some bodies were eaten ceremoniously. My own conclusion as an exopolitical researcher is that we have only scratched the surface of what is known by government agencies and military departments about EBEs, their motivations and associated technologies.

The Cetian alliance with the Pleiadeans and ‘other’ societies who have been ‘victimized’ by the ‘Grey’ predators is based on a desire to establish a common defense against their reptilian nemesis. ebee

For example, in reviewing bee Air Force Intelligence letter known as the Betz memoSgt Stone was able to reveal to the general public evidence that Project Moon Dust involved a: Sgt Stone claimed in the interview that during his military service he was monitored by an individual whose rank he was never told but whom he called ‘ Colonel’.