dewiki Mpemba-Effekt; elwiki Φαινόμενο Mpemba; enwiki Mpemba effect; eowiki Mpemba-efiko; eswiki Efecto Mpemba; etwiki Mpemba efekt; fawiki اثر امپمبا. Erasto Mpemba, a los 13 descubrió el efecto como consecuencia de una tarea, en Iringa, Tanzania, más adelante comprobó su teoría en El efecto Mpemba segun Nikola Bregovic – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online.

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Evaporation was controlled for. Generally, heating raises the energy of a substance by lengthening and softening all bonds involved.

Mpemba effect

There is disagreement about the parameters required to produce the effect and mpwmba its theoretical basis. In their setup most heat loss was found to be from the liquid surface.

The idea in the article is suggesting instead that water has some sort of “memory” so that it remembers being previously hot even as its temperature is falling. James Brownridge, a radiation safety officer at the State University of New Yorkhas said that he believes that supercooling is involved.

That energy, the researchers suggest, is released as the water is cooled allowing the molecules to become closer to one another, and as every chemistry student knows giving up energy means cooling.

Mpemba effect – Wikipedia

And in places where water is scarce—the world’s deserts, for example—getting At this point, the claims by the research team are still theory—they or others will still need to find a way to prove what they’ve suggested What’s also known is that with water molecules, hydrogen atoms are also attracted to the oxygen atoms in other nearby water molecules—a force called a hydrogen bond. There isn’t even an agreement on what “freezing” means in this context – whether you see frost on the surface or whether the kpemba volume goes solid, or whether it simply reaches 0 degrees C.


The velocity of a shrinking crystal is miniscule. The researchers, who have recently published the findings in Physical Review Letters, have confirmed mpembs this phenomenon occurs in granular fluids, that is, those composed of particles that are very small and interact among those that lose part of their kinetic energy.

I suppose they need to define the temperature of warm and if the water was once boiled or not. The required vast multidimensional array of experiments might explain why the effect is not yet understood. A team of mpebma from Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, the Universidad de Extremadura and the Universidad de Sevilla have defined a theoretical framework that could explain the Mpemba effect, a counterintuitive physical phenomenon revealed when hot water freezes mpemha than cold water.

Wikimedia Commons has media related to Mpemba effect.

Researchers claim to have discovered why warm water freezes faster than cooler water

By continuing navigation, we understand that it accepts our cookie policy. After the last time I got into this argument, I set up an experiment. Plus since I thought what you wrote was really stupid I thought I should say something to go along with my one karma point.

Early modern scientists such as Francis Bacon noted that, “slightly tepid water freezes more easily than that which is utterly cold.

Does hot water freeze first? If you start with a stretched rubber band in your fingers, releasing that energy by ‘flicking’ it off one your fingers, not only returns it to the loose state but it goes further and the sides close together.

Efecto Mpemba by Mir Lr on Prezi

It’s long been known that warm water freezes faster than cooler water Yet it has never actually been proven to do so. Read more Click here to reset your password. Somehow because you make comments that makes you less of a sissy boy troll.

This is bunk science at its finest. That they say, forces the hydrogen efectto to become stretched out, and stretching out a bond means that there is energy being stored. Cooling the water as the source in a refrigerator as a drain, the H-O bond releases its energy at a rate that depends exponentially on the initially storage of energy, and therefore, Mpemba effect happens.


By the time the “warm” water has cooled to the temperature of the “cool” water, I would think the convection in the previously warm water will be the same as in the cool water. The effect is named after Tanzanian Erasto Mpemba. Abstract We demonstrate that the Mpemba paradox arises intrinsically from the release rate of energy initially stored in the covalent H-O part of the Mpemb Having now read a few posts about him, your likeminded insistance on writing drivle makes a lot more sense.

Researchers at Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz JGU have confirmed the original model of the molecular structure of water and have thus made it possible to resolve a long-standing scientific controversy about the structure Convection is a very fast changing process compared to cooling, on the order of seconds to form and go away.

The Scottish scientist Joseph Black investigated a special case of this phenomenon comparing previously-boiled with unboiled water; [8] the previously-boiled water froze more quickly. This provides a momentum for the more rapid crystallization of the warmer water into ice, versus that of the cooler water.

States of matter list. Warm water freezes quicker because water must achieve it’s fourth phase to freeze. Please read up before making assumptions. The difference is that the formerly warm water has convection currents setup during the cooling process that persist as it’s temperature drops to and below that of the cool water.