LC-XB28 Owners Manual on EIKI Projectors | lc xb28 owners manual pdf eiki manuals 3c7cc3accebab0f. EIKI LC-XB28 projector specs, projector reviews and current street prices. View and Download Eiki LC-XB28 owner’s manual online. Eiki Multimedia Projector Owner’s Manual Model LC-XB LC-XB28 Projector pdf manual download.

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Use a dampcloth for cleaning. Press the Point 7 8buttons to move the red frame pointer to the SettingMenu icon. Press the Point 7 8 buttons to move the red frame pointer to the Image Adjust Menu ,c-xb28. Display area V Adjust the vertical area displayed by this projector.


Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. When the projector is not in use, put the projector in an appropriate carrying case to protect it from dust and amnual. It remains green while the projector is under operation. Page 54 Maintenance and CleaningLamp Replace CounterBe sure to reset the lamp replace counter after the lamp is replaced. To store adjustment parameters Adjustment parameters from Auto PC Adjustment can lc-xb8 memorized in this projector.

The Terminal item cannot be selected. With this function on, the projector reproduces pictures faithful to the original film quality.

Eiki LC-XB28 Owner’s Manual

Page 3 Deutsch An der Bedienungsanleitung wurden die folgenden Korrekturen vorgenommen. In this mode, cooling time after turning off the projector will be extended longer than in the normal mode. Appendix Before calling your dealer or service center for assistance, check the items below once again. Page 56 High voltages are used to operate this projector.


Air filters prevent eik from accumulating on the surface of the optical elements inside the projector. Do not put heat-sensitive objectsnear this side.

Please refer to this sheet for the information on the corresponding pages shown below. It is designed to work with single-phase power systemshaving a grounded neutral conductor. Do not place this projector on an unstable cart, stand, or table. To The Owner 0.

FilmThis function is effective on pulldown video source. Lamp Replace Counter Additionally, check carefully to ensure that there are no broken shards or pieces of glass around the projector or coming out from the cooling air circulation holes.

It is easy to carry and work anywhere you wish touse. Page 18 InstallationPositioning the ProjectorThis projector is designed to project on a flat projection surface and can focus from 4.

Press the Point 7 8 buttons to move the redframe pointer to the Image Adjust Menu icon. By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page.

SettingFanFanThis function provides you the following alternatives in thecooling fans operation after turning off the projector. The projector cannot be turned on until cooling is completed.

LC-XB28 Owners Manual | EIKI Projectors

The confirmation box will appear and thenselect [Yes]. Theprojector has 5 independent memory areas to memorize those parameters manually adjusted.


Do not use attachments not recommended by the manufacturer as they may cause hazards. Display area H Adjust the horizontal area displayed by this projector.

Once parameters are memorized, the setting can be done just by selecting Mode in the PC System Menu p If supplied AC power cord does not match your AC outlet, contact your sales dealer. Improper Installation may reducethe lamp life and cause a fire hazard. To the OwnerBefore operating this projector, read this manual thoroughly tooperate the projector properly. If Computer is selected as a signal source, this projector automatically detects the signal format and tunes to project a proper image without any additional setting.

Refer to the following pages regarding eachadjustment and setting procedure. Any broken shards found should be cleaned up carefully. PC System MenuUsed to selectcomputersystem. When selecting these modes, PC adjustment can be limited. Positioning the Projector This projector is designed to project on a flat projection surface and can focus from 4. High voltages are used to operate this projector. Basic Operation After the count-down, the input source that was selected last and the Lamp mode status icon see page 42 will appear on the screen.

The projector selects connection in the following order: